Saturday, August 13, 2022

Happy 2nd Reddit Anniversary To Me

Yes, I just turned 2 years on the popular forum website Reddit. My karma is currently around 40k and I've been active on r/philippines r/internetph subs (sub-threads)



Prior to Reddit, I've always been on forums (pre-Facebook days). In 2004 I discovered this online game called Ragnarok Online and most of the information about this game were available via Forums. Thus, I frequent gaming forums that has information about this online game.

Then came Pinoy Exchange where a lot of Pinoys post topics and gets replies. However, the replies are almost, always, very late. This is probably because Facebook is more popular when it comes to exchange of ideas and topics.

I was also a frequent visitor of Pinoy Guy Guide Forum. I love to see things and topics that most guys are talking about or is interested with. Like PInoy Exchange, the replies also were seldom.

I rediscovered my love of posting on Forums when I discovered Reddit. It's a US website but there's a community of Pinoy Redditors that are active on r/philippines specially during the campaign and election period 2022.

Reddit is almost like Twitter as far as breaking news is concerned. The posting of current events is almost real time and the replies were fast and frequent. I also discovered that there were a lot of smart Pinoys on r/philippines

I guess there are a lot of law students on this platform because they give very detailed replies as if they do thesis on a daily basis. I like Reddit better than Facebook in terms of exchanging ideas because of the power to down vote a topic or reply.

If a certain topic or reply gets enough down vote, it will be hidden from the thread thus the platform doesn't appeal to trolls and those unintelligent life forms on Facebook.

In that two years on Reddit, I almost always reply to stories of Filipinas having a foreigner boyfriend or husband as "isa na namang kababayan natin ang nakaahon sa hirap". Some Redditors have known me for that.

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These days, I pretty much use the forum to see if there are some customers of the ISP that I represent that is having issues with their broadband connection. Good thing that it's not frequent like on Facebook. Mostly it's just queries on advance configuration with their modems.
I'm glad that I discovered this forum. Surely this is a great source of ideas and information.

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