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Friday, June 21, 2019

Point Blank Beyond Limits Coming July 16, 2019

On 18th June 2019, ZEPETTO (Jean Kim (CEO), officially announced that the Point Blank (PB) online FPS game is set to provide direct service in the Philippines, bringing along better game environments and an array of new contents for local players.

Point Blank is a representative national FPS game that has been in service in the Philippines for nine years. Since its introduction in 2011, Point Blank achieved 100,000 visitors a day. As a continued commitment, Zepetto plans to release the latest version of Point Blank named as ‘Beyond Limits’.
The Zepetto direct service will officially start on the 16th of July 2019. The game information used in the existing Garena service will be available for transfer during the period from the 18th of June to the 29th of September 2019 via Zepetto’s official website. Users and Clan members who applied for account transfer prior to the start of the Zepetto direct service will receive special gifts. More information about the service transfer can be found at

In addition, the Point Blank E-sports Tournament will be held in various forms. First, from the 1st of July to the 30th of September 2019, 'Point Blank Guerrilla Competition' will be held in various PC cafés throughout the Philippines. Interested PC owners can participate and apply for registration. In this competition, which will be held in various sizes of the PC café’s (from small to large), the total rewards of winners can receive will be Cash, PB in-game cash, game items, PB T-shirts and PB poster for each competition. Participants also may receive Lanyards and free drinks! Further, a Regional Leagues for Point Blank International Championship (PBIC), the representative international E-sports competition, will be held in scale.

Mr. Jean Kim, CEO of Zepetto, mentioned as "We are proud to say that the Point Blank has been providing service to almost 50 countries, and as a leading online FPS game with a total of 118 million users, we will do our best so that new users, as well as, existing users will be satisfied with Point Blank by opening ‘Point Blank Beyond Limits’ version that contains our game know-how to the Philippines.

‘Point Blank Beyond Limits' is the latest version of Point Blank that contains the most recent UI and new exciting contents which are currently being loved by all serviced regions. (Philippine region CS contact: /

Zepetto Co. (
Established in September 2003, ZEPETTO (Jean Kim, CEO) is a Korean game company that develops and services games on various platforms including online, mobile, and console. Beginning with the PSP game 'Vulcanus', online FPS 'Point Blank' has achieved great success in the world market, and it has been acknowledged simultaneously in the game performance. As of 2019, Zepetto is currently concentrating on the development with Point Blank IP of a mobile game named ‘Outlaw’ and the online Battle Royale ‘Survival Frenzy‘ which will utilize the Point Blank's success story.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Return of Gunbound

When I got the Press Release document for the re-launch of Gunbound, I got very excited. It’s one of the earliest online computer games I’ve played, along with Ragnarok Online.
The concept of Gunbound can probably be traced to that old computer game called Scorched Earth – wherein tanks try to eliminate opponent using different type of missiles that has different attributes. Same goes to Gunbound – you control a single tank and try to eliminate other tanks but using different missiles with different capabilities. It was first released on the PC platform.
Since most PC Games got relaunched as a mobile version (starting with Ragnarok Online Mobile, Grand Chase, etc) it’s no surprised that the popular Gunbound is now coming back as a mobile game.
Here’s what we can expect from the latest reincarnation of Gunbound:
Electronics Extreme Partners with Softnyx to Publish New Gunbound
With the publishing contract in place, New Gunbound is to be launched at 10 regions in SEA including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more.
Electronics Extreme announced the publishing contract with Softnyx to launch New Gunbound which is the sequel of Gunbound, a famous turn-based shooting game.

New Gunbound is currently under development as a multi-platform game which supports both PC and mobile. Players can enjoy the Classic mode with the same mechanics as the original and new modes that include the Real Time mode, where players must shoot and dodge actively, and other PVE contents. New Gunbound has new features that allow players to customize their own mobile, interact with other players, and many more.
Gunbound’s original developer Softnyx is also behind games of various genres that are well known: Rakion, WolfTeam, Operation 7, and more. Among these is the RPG game Kingdom Story that made a name in Korea and other Asian regions. In Latin America where it’s the number one game portal, Softnyx is also popular for being the host of the game festival Softnyx Party that is successful every year. They are now focusing on the development of New Gunbound which will be released multi-platform: PC and mobile.
The publishing partner, Electronics Extreme, is a game publisher established in Thailand in 2014 and has successfully published games such as Ragnarok, Cabal, and Infestation in various countries in Southeast Asia. With the company expanding its reach globally, they’ve announced that the New Gunbound will be launched in 10 different countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.
Softnyx’ Co-CEOs ChoonGeun Lim and Woo Jae Shin remarked, “We are pleased to have the publishing contract with Electronics Extreme, a company that is well known in Southeast Asia.” “In order to provide steady service to the players, Softnyx will do its best in developing the game to its finest before the official launch.”
Electronics Extreme’s CEO Thanin Piromward said, “I am very delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Softnyx and publish a sequel of this globally renowned game, Gunbound.” He continued, “Personally, I am really looking forward to this new title from Softnyx and would do my best to provide satisfying quality of service to the players.”
Since its establishment in 2001, Softnyx developed a variety of successful games from many genres for online and mobile games such as Softnyx' first game Gunbound, Rakion, FPS game WolfTeam, and mobile game Kingdom Story. Softnyx allows players from all around the world to feel more comfortable by providing services in various languages. In addition to its endless spirit of challenge and ambition in game development, Softnyx also published Lovebeat and Operation 7 in Latin America and will continue to provide services for new games in the future.
Electronics Extreme Ltd.
Electronics Extreme (EXE) was founded in 2014 with a management team comprised of over 15 years experienced veterans in gaming industry and more than 200 staff who understand the needs of fellow gamers. With their main mission and determination of “providing fun and happiness to our customers with better gaming experience”, Electronics Extreme has already become a leading online game publisher in Thailand. Not only the operation in gaming publishing, Electronics Extreme also covers the services of channeling, marketing, and customer service for business process outsourcing with a strategic position in the hub of Southeast Asia.
Electronics Extreme Limited (Philippines) brought in as its management team players who helped shape the Philippines’ gaming industry. Currently, it continues to hire empowered and passionate individuals who want to make their mark in gaming. Electronics Extreme Limited (Philippines) is poised to make waves in the Southeast Asian market. Our mission is simple: bring the best experience that we can to the gamers.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1. What is New Gunbound, and what is its concept?
New Gunbound is a new multi-platform game given birth by the developers of original Gunbound, Softnyx and Rocket Punch. Softnyx is aiming to bring back the fun of original Gunbound which was available in PC and attract mobile users at the same time.
Q2. What are the unique features of the New Gunbound?
First of all, we would like to introduce the new mode: Real Time mode. In this mode, mobile users can match with other users and battle in real time.
Unlike in the original PC version, it has the advantage of not having to wait for turns allowing the players to dodge the attack, something you can't do in the original version. This remarkable change made strategy a factor in playing, setting it apart from its predecessor. This new mode will give the chance to original Gunbound players and new players alike to enjoy their own playing style. For the players who missed the original game, the turn-based Classic mode is available to relive the nostalgia.
Both modes are operated in a ranking system wherein the matchmaking algorithm was paid extra attention to in order to prevent a gap between previous pro players and new players.
Q3. What are the interesting points of New Gunbound?
Aside from PVP, there are also various PVE modes that engage the players with AI: Adventure mode and Boss mode. These modes allow players to gain Experience Points and acquire items to evolve and level up their characters. Achievement Quests are also available which provide special rewards. Guild and Marriage System will be included for the community.
Q4. Why is the slogan ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone’?
In the future, we are expecting an environment where one can play games anywhere through anything. Therefore, to follow this trend, Softnyx is doing its best to implement cross platform. Through New Gunbound, Softtnyx aims to start its mobile-PC cross platform and further expand to the emulator’s platform as well.
Q5. Which local servers will be launched first and what are the other regions?
New Gunbound will be first launched in Southeast Asia on 3rd quarter of 2019. We are lucky to partner with Electronics Extreme which is well-known for successfully publishing numerous games in SEA region. We are especially excited to launch the game in Thailand where there are many great Gunbound players.
Q6. Why launch in SEA above all other region?
It is because we have received lots of positive feedbacks from SEA, especially in Thailand, when we first launched the PC version game. Therefore, we assumed that there will be players who still love and miss the game. Eventually, it turned out to be true because our spoiler post for New Gunbound was warmly welcomed. In order to meet such expectation, we will launch in Southeast Asia region first.
Q7. How will Softnyx develop New Gunbound?
We have several long-term goals for New Gunbound. We will provide update for various mobiles, add Guild and Tournament system to foster an active community within the game, and farming feature to collect ancient ruins to get rare skin. We are also planning to have Boss Raid system where players work together to defeat giant boss. Along with this, new maps, skins, and even new mode in the future.
Q8. Any possibility of E-Sports Content?
In order to play New Gunbound, skill, teamwork, and tactic are required. We believe that these reach all the features required to compete in E-sports and that lots of players are interested to participate. Additionally, we are currently developing Watch mode in order to support live streaming service. We hope to see fans from around the world enjoy the New Gunbound Global Tournament in the future.
Q9. Would new players with no previous experience in Gunbound enjoy the game as well?
Absolutely. New Gunbound is a game with cute graphics and easy gameplay allowing everyone to enjoy and have fun. Moreover, there is a tutorial for new players, and it is easy enough to understand the whole game in just five minutes. New Gunbound is a game that anyone can start lightly and deeply fall in love.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Switching from Blogger to WordPress?

I am so sorry for the lack of updates for my blogs. Earlier this year, something changed in the settings of Blogger (Google’s blogging platform) that messed up it’s connection with Open Live Writer, the blogging software.
Open Live Writer is the open-source successor to Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. It’s a software designed for bloggers that makes blogging easier. Open Live Writer downloads the format of your Blogger, WordPress or other platform and makes it easier to format the text and attach pictures to have a uniform look, for consistency of design.
Since the beginning of January, a lot of bloggers have been waiting for a solution from Google and from the Open Live Writer team for a fix to the issue (Error 400) but to no avail. Open Live Writer continues to work perfectly with the WordPress platform so it’s indeed something to do with Google (makers of Blogger and Google Photos which is somehow involved in the mess up).
Several bloggers are looped-in to the discussion on how to fix this issue and we’re still hoping for a fix. For some, it seems that the only solution would be to switch to WordPress. It’s sad because Blogger is easier to use and to attach several HTML scripts for ads and other apps.

I’ll probably switch to WordPress for the meantime but still hoping that Google will keep the Blogger platform alive for bloggers. After all, blogging is still not dead. Or is it?
You can check the status of this Error 400 in the following thread:
Error 400 - The Remote server returned an error #786
The message on Open Live Writer when you try to publish an article (with pictures) on Blogger is: The remote server returned an error: {400) Bad Request.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Political Dynasty in Pasig City

It's sad that based on the latest survey, “Incumbents top metro poll survey” re-electionist Bobby Eusebio is still the preferred choice for City Mayor of Pasig. Almost 75% of those surveyed are voting for him.

I am voting for newcomer Vico Sotto, son of TV personality Vic Sotto, and a councilor of Pasig City. I believe that the Eusebios have been staying in power for too long in Pasig City. I also believe that after serving for more than 20 years, the citizens of Pasig City deserve a breath of fresh air.
Pasig City is considered one of the riches cities in the country and yet, I never see the progress in my beloved city. A few years ago, my father was hospitalized in Pasig City General Hospital. It was not what I was expecting for a rich city like Pasig. I believe that the City Government of Pasig could do a lot to improve the socials services in the city.

Pasig City has long been marketing its slogan “Pasig Green City” and yet, there are very few green parks in the city. The only one I know is the Pasig Rainforest. Last year, they’ve relocated the statue of Andres Bonifacio between the Pasig Museum and the Old Post Office. They’ve improved the area, but it is not as green as it could have been – it was just a boring, concrete piece of land.
In the 20 years that the Eusebios managed the city, I’ve only seen 3 bridges build – the one connecting Sta Rosa to Bagong Ilog, Caniogan to Marikina, and Sumilang to Pateros. I have not seen a new road or widen existing streets to ease traffic. Traffic in Pasig could rival that of EDSA during rush hour.
I also have not seen any major infrastructure build in the city the past 20 years. Pasig still doesn’t have a public, open area like Marikina Sports Center where events could be held. In fact, the Paskotitap and Bambino Festival of Pasig have always been held in the narrow street from Pasig Simbahan to the City Hall.
I guess the only reason I’m voting for Vico Sotto is because of his promise of transparency in terms of showing how the City Government of Pasig is spending its fund and how much taxes are they getting from the residents. Transparency is a big deal for me and I really wanted to know how the City Government is spending it, particularly to address the city’s problem with illegal settlers. I believe they’re not doing enough because there are still a lot of residents in Nagpayong who has no lot title of their own.
I’m still voting for Vico Sotto even if the odds are not in his favor as of this time. By publishing blog articles and letting the City Government know what the residents want, who knows, perhaps the residents of Pasig City will have a change of heart and vote for Vico Sotto, who’s now the face of transparency in the City Government of Pasig.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

CNN Philippines’ The Filipino Votes: Senatorial Forum Parts 1 and 2

I watched the 2 episodes of CNN Philippines’ The Filipino Votes: Senatorial Forum. I wanted to hear what the other candidates have to say about current issues.

Unfortunately, some of the popular candidates didn’t show up on the 2 episodes of The Filipino Votes. I would definitely not vote for those who are afraid for this type of forum, namely:
Freddie Aguilar (not voting for this guy) – relying on the President’s endorsement
Edgardo Sonny Angara – under consideration due to his good track record
Nancy Binay (not voting for this lady) -- MIA
Ramon Bong Revilla Jr (not voting for this guy) – relying on political ads
Pia Cayetano (not voting for this lady) – MIA [Edit: relying on political ads]
Bong Go (not voting for this guy) -- relying on political ads
Cynthia Villar (not voting for this lady) -- relying on political ads

The other candidates that I already decided to vote when I heard them on GMA’s Debate 2019 are:
  1. Raffy Alunan
  2. Neri Colmenares
  3. Samira Gutoc
  4. Erin Tanada
  5. Gary Alejano
  6. Chel Diokno
  7. JV Ejercito
  8. Romy Macalintal
  9. Ernesto Arellano

During the 2 episodes of CNN Philippines’ Senatorial Forum, I have heard from the other candidates and here’s why I’m voting for them:
  1. Benigno Bam Aquino – authored Go Negosyo among others. Voted NO to the Train Law and opposes the implementation of the Excise Tax in January 2019 and January 2020. He wanted to regulate the entry of Chinese workers in the country and wanted transparency in the country’s dealings with China.
I will vote for him because of his numerous authored bills that became laws as well as his desire for newly grads to have immediate jobs, lesser job mismatch, and his focus on the improvement of the education system in the country.
  1. Florin Hilbay – was a former Solicitor General. He’s a UP teacher and supports the RH Law, Coco Levy Fund, and is a member of the team behind the country’s success in the arbitration case vs China.
I will vote for him because he wants the 4Ps to be enacted as his first legislation: Pilo Para sa Pamilyang Pilipino as he refers to it. He also wanted to expand the 4Ps to include newly grads and jobless Pinoys. He promises to be a statesman who will not demean the status of the underprivilege in the country.
  1. Mar Roxas – was a former DILG Secretary. He’s the author of the Cheaper Medicine Law and removed the taxes for minimum wage earners. He’s among the personalities behind the success of the BPO industry and supports the current Juvenile Justice Law.
I will vote for him because he’s a believer in the rehabilitation of drug suspects and that the government should go after the importer of drugs. He also appeals on the removal of tax in oil products in the TRAIN Law, and opposes the Department of Finance’s suggestion to remove the incentives of the BPO Industry. He also wants the Internet in the country to be faster and better.

  1. Juan Ponce Enrile – opposes the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill saying it’s impractical to implement this provision in the Constitution. He’s Pro-China and said YES to a joint oil exploration with China.
He mentioned that he will review bills on taxes, will author bill on communications and ease of acquiring housing papers, increase foreign investments and improve the slow process of government transactions. These are bills that he could have authored in his days as senator.
  1. Serge Osmena – has authored 166 laws and had 3 terms as senator in the span of 18 years. He’s the author of the Solo Parents Act, an economist but also said YES to a joint oil exploration with China. He has no exact plans yet on how to end ENDO.
Thank you GMA 7 and CNN Philippines in helping me to draft my magic 12 for the upcoming senatorial elections.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Face-Off

Good job for GMA News and Public Affairs for coming up with Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Face-Off. It was a big help in trimming down my choices for Senators in the coming midterm elections.

It was a grueling 1 hour and 47 minutes replay on YouTube (no commercials) but it’s worth watching. Too bad there are a lot more candidates who didn’t make it but I’m hoping to hear from them in future debates. I will also watch the replay of CNN’s interview for these candidates.
So far, based on what the candidates said in the Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Face-Off, I was able to segredate them into two groups:
  1. Raffy Alunan – Reform the criminal justice system. Favors local farmers in the issue of sugar importation. Former DILG Secretary who can’t give deadline to solve criminality in the country.
I will vote for him because he believes in anti-political dynasty as enshrined in the constitution. He believes that we should look into the general rule (not exeptional cases) of poorest provinces having the most political dynasty.
  1. Ernesto Arellano – Labor leader who doesn’t believe that there is shortage of skilled workers in the country. There were admin lapses in the influx of Chinese workers but believes in equal opportunity, Pinoy and foreigner. Believes in rallies but with restrictions.
I will vote for him because he believes in a divorce bill with stringent requirements. He also believes supporting children of these couples who would avail of it.
  1. JV Ejercito – Favors the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill although he’s a beneficiary of political dynasty. Supported the SK Reform Law and wants to enforce the true limit of political ads.
He is in favor of lowering the minimum age of criminal liability but he’s focus on penalizing the parents and adults in the crimes committed by children. I will vote for him for his support of the anti-polical dynasty bill.
  1. Samira Gutoc – against rape joke and martial law. She’s working for peace in Mindanao the past 21 years including anti-crime in Marawi. She’s also calling for the audit of the ARMM funds.
I will vote for her because she doesn’t believe that Operation Tokhang should continue. She stated an example in Cebu wherein 1,000 drug suspects surrendered without Tokhang. She believes that Tokhang is anti-poor and what is needed is strong accountability.
  1. Chel Diokno – part of Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG). Believes that Human Rights is also Human Lives and wants a lasting solution to the problems of our Justice System.
I will vote for him because he believes in the removal of term limits for Senators and Congressman stating the Martial Law years as example. He’s also in favor of the anti-political dynasty bill and that it should be extended to relatives. He believes that government posts are not properties of political clans.
  1. Gary Alejano – said that they faced the consequences of their acts of rebellion by being jailed for 7 years. He believes that rebellion is the right of the people.
I will vote for him because he’s against Federalism saying that it will cause imbalance of wealth and regionalism. He suggests strengthening the Local Governemt Code instead, for for authonomy of LGUs. He also believes in the ban for political dynasty and reform in the country’s political system.
  1. Neri Colmenares – is againsts all form of human rights violation whether it’s commited by the AFP or NPA. He mentioned that the problems of the countries include political dynasty, lack of farming lands, corruption, among others.
I will vote for him because he believes that we don’t need China to explore or drill for oil in our EEZ because it is ours by virtue of the case we won in The Hague. He commends Vietnam and Taiwan for their strong stand against China on their sovereign rights.
  1. Erin Tanada – believes that one of the mistakes of the Liberal Party is that the citizens doesn’t know the projects of the previous administration. He also believes that the issues of the farmers are not being talked about.
I will vote for him because he believes that the TRAIN Law should be suspended, being the cause of high inflation. He also believes it is anti-poor. He also believes that additional taxes is not the key to funding government projects but public-private partnership.
  1. Romy Macalintal – will champion counter-terror laws. His source of funding will be ex-deal from friends but he doesn’t believe this as conflict of interest. He believes that the issue of Political Dynasty can be resolved by Constitutional Change.
I will vote for him because he’s against the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao saying that there’s no rebellion or invasion that requires it. What Mindanao needs is economic activities so that senior citizens can enjoy their discounts.

  1. Agnes Escudero – member of Tribal Government of the Philippines. Wants to defend the ancestral lands and established ancestral home defense that was started in the time of Angelo Reyes. She wants to follow the unwritten messages and rituals of their ancestors.
I will not vote for her because she’s against the legalization of divorce saying that the Philippines is a good example (in spite of being the only country in the world, with Vatican, that has no divorce law).
  1. Leody de Guzman – wants an end to political dynasty and contractualization but doesn’t offer a new solution to the issue in spite of being in the labor scene for 35 years as member of Bukluran Manggagawang Pilipino.
Although he believes that the death penalty doesn’t resolved criminality and that there is a deeper root to the problem, I still will not vote for him because he didn’t provide any new solution to the problem of ENDO doesn’t quality him to be a senator.
  1. Melchor Chavez – will look into the land titling system in the country. Since 1992, he ran 8x as senator. He believes that he won’t win if he don’t run. A supporter of Digong.
I will not vote for him because the only reason why he’s against the lowering of the minimum age for criminal liability is a quote from Rizal: “ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”.
  1. Dong Mangudadatu – Maguindanao is the 2nd poorest province in the country and has an issue of political dynasty. He doesn’t believe this and insist that the problem in Maguindanao is war. His networth is one of the highest yet his source of income is delivery of fresh water fishes.
I will not vote for him because he’s in favor of the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao even though there is no rebellion or invasion.
  1. Dado Padilla – reported ghost schools of TESDA as a way of fighting corruption.
I will not vote for him because he believes in a joint oil exploration between China and the Philippines. He didn’t gave a straight answer to the question whether China can be trusted.
  1. Willy Ong – wants to run as a senator to help more people. He’s a doctor but is against Dengvaxia. He said that his source of funds for campaigning will be through social media and guesting in mainstream media.
I will not vote for him because he doesn’t believe in the suspension of train law and he doesn’t know that the train law package 1 doesn’t include sin tax (as pointed out by Erin Tanada).
  1. Bato dela Rosa – Said that the sensationalized cases during Operation Tokhang are already solved and that the term neutralize doesn’t mean to kill.
I will not vote for him because he doesn’t believe in the Anti-Profanity Ordinace in Baguio and his way of consoling victims of Operation Tokhang (as collateral damage) is believing that there is justice in heaven if we didn’t receive justice here on earth. He’s also in favor of death penalty and lowering the age of criminals.
  1. Imee Marcos – didn’t answer the question regarding the ill gotten wealth issue in spite of the PCGG’s recovery of 170B+ from the Marcos family.
I will not vote for her because she doesn’t believe in the removal of term limits for Senators and Congressman.
  1. Jiggy Manicad – champions campus journalism as alternate to mainstream media. Questions the foreign funding of Rappler. Plans to trace the source of fake news with the help of Interpol and other foreign agencies.
I will not vote for him because he still thinks Rappler is a peddler of fake news and he also believes in mandatory drug test. He also believes in Federalism and didn’t answer the question if there is a study regarding the Local Fund under a Federal state.
  1. Koko Pimentel – former Senate president but is questioned for poor performance i.e. low turn out of bills turned laws. Said that the question of the panelist is wrong.
I will not vote for him because he believes in a joint oil exploration with China (same with Dado Padilla).
  1. Francisco Tolentino – wants to amend the MMDA law saying that it’s just a titular head with no real powers. Supports Duterte’s call for emergency power. Mentioned the computerization of the Land Registration Authority (LRA).
I will not vote for him because he doesn’t believe in Anti-Profanity Ordinance in Baguio. He also (somewhat) doesn’t believe in the anti-political dynasty bill and federalism.
  1. Larry Gadon – doesn’t believe that he deserves disbarment because of the controversies he’s into. He’s still mentioning SAF44, Yolanda Funds, Dengvaxia and questions the results of surveys saying it is prelude to cheating.
I will not vote for him because he still believes in the implementation of the death penalty for heinious crimes stating the case of Singapore and Saudi Arabia. He believes an eye for an eye and that rehabilitation is not effective for drug suspects.

Didn’t attend but is known anyway:
Freddie Aguilar
Edgardo Sonny Angara
Benigno Bam Aquino
Nancy Binay
Ramon Bong Revilla Jr
Pia Cayetano
Juan Ponce Enrile
Bong Go
Pilo Hilbay
Mar Roxas
Cynthia Villar
Serge Osmena
And a lot more candidates that are unknown. I will no longer consider them because they don’t seem to be interested in promoting themselves in mainstream media.
Hope to hear from these candidates in upcoming debates.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

My PusaKal Named Bloodseeker

January 2018 -- A few days ago, while playing the character Bloodseeker in DotA2 in several matches, I saw this tiny ginger kitten sitting under a tricycle. My heart sank because it was too tiny. I suddenly remember the campaign of PAWS Philippines about adopting a kitten instead of buying it (#AdoptNotShop). I am gulty of shopping for kittens (Mirana, Pugna (+) and Riki were all shopped for P1,500 each).

To amends to my mistake, and to support the campaign drive of PAWS Philippines, I decided to take the tiny ginger in as my 4th cat and named him after another DotA2 hero – Bloodseeker. I actually tested her first (yes, it's a female) if she's already eating cat food. Good thing she likes VitaPet's cat food (although It's intended for adult cats).

Bloodseeker was all dirty so I bath her. I also showed her the litter box and she was able to use it for the first-time today. I hope she adapts the hobby of using it regularly. I guess Bloodseeker is about a month's old. I'll set her birthday every January 15. Wish me luck in raising my newly-adopted kitten.



My PusaKal (Pusang Kalye or stray cat) Bloodseeker will be turning 1 year old this January 15, 2019 and she just gave birth to 3 kittens a few weeks ago. Look at her latest pictures below. He turned out to be a fine PusPin (Pusang Pinay).


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