Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Freelife Origins SEA Officially Launches Today

So there’s a new game in town that is based on Ragnarok Online. It’s called Freelife Origins and it’s now officially available in SEA.





After a week of CBT in the second week of May, Freelife Origin SEA won’t make the wait for the game launch too long as it officially opens its door to the players today.
Freelife Origin opens its SEA server today, May 24, 2022, following the end of CBT more than a week ago. Freelife Origin SEA is a server which caters to the players from Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The mobile game can be played via Android and iOS devices, with the addition of PC access through emulators.

Players can register and download the game through here:
Register Link: https://mfree.life/md-register
Download Link: https://mfree.life/md-download



For new registered players who only stumbled upon the game recently, they can register and log in to the game today then get 10,000 Nyan Berry—the in-game currency to buy premium items—for free with more rewards. Not only that, if players add the Freelife Origin SEA Official LINE Account, they can claim additional freebies. Here’s the link of the official LINE account: https://mfree.life/md-lineoa .

CBT Screenshot 02


According to the Server Information article, one server named S1: Baphomet will be initially opened, with more to come eventually. 1st class to High Class will be the available job classes except for Rogue— which will be released on a future update. As it seems, there will also be a level cap and a limit of Stamina which allows the players to spend only a certain amount of time on in-game activities.

Below are the other features to note from the game:
• No Character Limits
Upgrade your character without limit.
• Various Jobs Styles
Pick your preferred stats and weapon. Classic version similar to Ragnarok PC.
• High-Class Unlocked
Get stronger and achieve advanced skill.
• Massive World with a Great story
Adventure within the wonderful and wide world, entangled in a dramatic story.
• Best Costume
Many cute and cool costumes. Show the world your fashion style.
• Fabulous Pet & Mount
Cute pet and mount. You won’t be able to resist their cuteness!
• Mercenary
They will be your friend. In leveling up or farming monster, you will not be lonely anymore.
• Most Exciting PvP & Guild Wars
Fight for glory and honor. Don't miss blazing battle.
• And a whole lot more!

The game is easy and fun with a lot of events to play. You can join the game all day and night!
Last May 7, Freelife Origin SEA allowed for the players to take a sneak peek of what the game would look like through the CBT, ending last May 13. The CBT garnered the attention of various players, especially those who were fans of the Ragnarok franchise. After more than a week of waiting, the players can now go back to the game but with full access to the official version this time.

Check out this awesome trailer of Freelife Origin SEA: https://youtu.be/gFPhANMdRTs
For more information and updates about the game, follow Freelife Origin SEA’s official channels through these links:
Website: https://mfree.life/SEA-Website
Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/FreelifeOriginSEA
Community Group: https://mfree.life/SEA-Community
News: https://mfree.life/SEA-News

CBT Screenshot 05



Please watch the trailer here. It’s the first jobs versus Baphomet:

Freelife Origins SEA

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