Saturday, February 5, 2022

My Experience of Try and Review

So I stumbled upon a Facebook ad for Try and Review. It’s a company that provides sample products to be reviewed. I’m not new to the concept since it is being done by a lot of celebrities and influencers across all social media.

Try and Review package


However, this would be my first time to receive a product to be reviewed. So I clicked on the Facebook ad and signed up. It’s pretty much like a survey on the things or products that you would love to review and some stats about my social media accounts.

I’m active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with decent followers. I use Facebook mostly to communicate with family, friends and coworkers and IG to post my photos. I’m a hobbyist photographer and a member of this wonderful camera club and IG is where I post some pictures. I also love to travel locally and get to know the culture of different provinces in the country.

A few weeks after signing up, I was surprised to learn that a package from Try and Review is on its way via Ninja Van. The ones that delivered the products were very nice and fashionable ladies. So my first products were the Colgate Professional and Charcoal Variants. It comes with a letter congratulating me as being among 1,200 testers chosen for the product and some instructions.

2 Colgate Variants


The product is to be tried for 14 days (1 week each for the varieties or variants as I called it). I’m pretty much a Colgate user but I still find the Professional Clean a delight to use. I feel so refreshed after using it because of its cool effect. I’ll be trying the Charcoal variant in a bit.

I love how they emailed us the reminder to post our reviews on the website. I took some pictures of the products, write a short review and post the same on my Facebook and Instagram. It’s so simple. I’m hoping to influence some of my friends as well and use this Referral Code that I got.

Professional Clean


Who knows, I might be great at reviewing products not just food products, hotels and places. Wish me luck guys! @tryandreview #TryandReviewAmbassador

What are you waiting for? Head over to their website and use my referral code 1310977

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