Thursday, January 20, 2022

Iyo Caruncho Bernardo’s Political Suicide

Pasig City Vice Mayor Iyo Caruncho Bernardo is making a lot of noise lately – in a bad way. I don’t know when his rift started with Mayor Vico Sotto started but it’s all over the news and on Reddit.

Vico vs Iyo


On the Facebook page of the vice mayor, he posted a video answering the “paninira ni Mayor Vico Sotto sa akin noong nakaraang linggo sa Flag Ceremony”. He further added that Mayor Vico Sotto is tarnishing his family’s name (Caruncho).

So the whole rift started on this news article:

Then Mayor Vico Tweeted “May sinabi ba ako tungkol sa pamilya n’ya?”

At first I ignored Iyo’s statements against Vico because I thought he’s not running for mayor of Pasig in the upcoming 2022 election. Only to find out that he did filed his COC as candidate for mayor. I then said to myself “ah kaya pala maingay s’ya lately”.

As a resident of Pasig, I can say that yes, he is so quiet as a vice mayor. I never heard any news of his projects for the city of Pasig. I do know that he presides the meeting of the Sangguniang Panglungsod but that it.

I do know that he is the grandson of a former mayor of Pasig -- Emiliano R. Caruncho, Jr. – who served from 1956-1986. That’s almost as long as the reign of the Eusebios. A Marcos-like reign in Pasig. Like BBM, he’s bragging about the accomplishment of his lolo and not his own.

For now, if Iyo Caruncho Bernardo continues his attacks against Mayor Vico Sotto, he is indeed committing a political suicide. After this election, we think that his political career will definitely end.

His rants against Mayor Vico Sotto is petite and he’s blowing it out of proportion in a bad way. Between Mayor Vico Sotto and VM Iyo Caruncho Bernardo, my vote still goes to Vico.


  1. wala pang napatunayan, tapos na agad ang career, hehe.

  2. Hehe. Sa salita palang alam na. Lalo na pag pinagmasdan ang itsura