Sunday, October 28, 2018

Blogapalooza 2018 “connecteD”

I attended the 8th edition of Blogapalooza entitled “connecteD” at the Grand Ballroom of the City of Dreams, Manila. I believe the highlighted D is for Digital since most of the talks are about being digital in this age of Instagram, YouTube and other social media.

Blogapalooza 2018

I have work on Saturday so I wasn’t able to listen to all the speakers but I did watch the presentation/talk of Instagram guru Nix Eniego and TV host Christine Bersola-Babao. There were a lot of other speakers and the topics were diverse but these two speakers are worth the travel from Pasig to the City of Dreams.

Nix Eniego talked about the secrets to Instagram domination and gave very practical tips on how to increase Instagram followers. Tips such as frequency of posts, using Canva and other free online tools to add texts to IG posts, collaboration with other IG enthusiast, etc.

Christine Bersola-Babao talked about her transition from traditional media (TV) to digital media. She started at Cineskwela and Alas Singko y Medya (ABS-CBN) then transferred to TV 5 and GMA News TV (Money Wise). I love her presentation since it is very inspirational for a Gen X personality to transition effectively to Digital Media and gain even more followers. She’ll be launching her YouTube channel very soon.

The other thing I love about attending the yearly Blogapalooza is the opportunity to meet new companies and products – Deuter camping gears, Pushpin,, Seeker Pass, Foodsource, Printspaces, BigBenta, AFS, Kiss!, My Home Care, Mikilala, Poundit, Koko & Roko,, among others.

Thank you very much for Blogamomma Ace Gapuz for this very successful event. Looking forward to the 9th edition of Blogapalooza in 2019.


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