Friday, September 14, 2018

Ogre Magi -- My Favorite DotA 2 Hero

There's a feature if you're a subscriber of DotA Plus, the premiere subscription service of DotA 2, that you could level youre character up to level 25 (same level in-game). Level 25 is called a Master Tier and before you could reach that, you'll pass Silver Tier, Gold and Platinum Tiers. My Ogre Magi is at level 19 now and my DotA Plus subscription started in March 14, 2018. Almost 6 months after, I still haven't reached the Master Tier. I may have to renew my DotA Plus subscription for another 6 months.

Ogre Magi Whole

I love playing Ogre Magi because he's a great support character -- he has Fireblast (Stun), Slow and Bloodlust (additional attack speed). He's also a durable character for a support. Ever since I started playing the old DotA 1 (the World of War Craft III spin-off map), I've been an Ogre Magi fan. I actually started playing a support character in another game, Ragnarok Online. I always have a Priest character in any server I play, whether locally or in the international server.

Going back to Ogre Magi, I can say he's an easy character to play since his Ultimate Skill (or Special Skill) is Passive -- meaning, you don't have to click on it. It's a chance-based skill that will let you hit Fireblast of up to 4 times. It's nice to get lucky and see your enemy die of multiple fireblasts. Sometimes, they can escape and run... but will eventually die of Slow. It's also nice to see your Allies run faster (to escape or to run after the enemy) due to Bloodlust.

However, I really got disappointed when I started watching the professional league a.k.a. The International. Ogre Magi is not really a favorite pick at tournaments. TI8's most picked support hero is Vengeful Spirit. Other favorite support heroes are Rubick, Enchantress, Bane, Oracle (a complexity 3 hero) etc. I think I start mastering other support heroes if I really wanted to level-up my game play -- the next level play a.k.a. Lakad Matatag.

DotA Plus also comes with the Relics features -- gems that monitors every thing a hero does. For Ogre Magi, it monitors the number of kills, the amount of damage your ally creates under the influence of Bloodlust, Fireblast and Slow leading to kills, Mana restored, Dominating streaks, Wards Place, etc. It's nice to see the picture of Ogre Magi appear on the right side of the screen with an achievement in the Relics featur. Each hero has a different set of Relics and for Ogre Magi, the Relics being monitored are his support skills.

Who's your favorite DotA 2 hero?

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