Friday, August 24, 2018

New DotA 2 Hero: Grimstroke

There’s a new DotA2 Hero! It was revealed today during the update. His name is Grimstroke and he reminds me of Monkey King. Will do some Hero Demo in a few minutes.

This is in time for the conclusion of this years The International TI8 Finals in Vancouver, Canada. I’m still hoping Evil Geniuses will win.


1st Skill: Stroke of Fate

Ability: Point Target

Damage Type: Magical

Pierces Spell Immunity: No

Grimstroke paints a patch of ink with his brush, damaging and slowing enemies. The damage is increased with each enemy the ink hits.

2nd Skill: Phamtom’s Embrace

Ability: Unit Target

Affects: Enemy Units

Damage Type: Magical

Pierces Spell Immunity: No

Dispellable: Cannot be dispelled

Summons a phantom that moves quickly towards the target, latching to it when she arrives. Once latched, the phantom damages and silences. If she survives the full latch duration she rends her victim for heavy damage and refreshes Phantom’s Embrace’s cooldown.

3rd Skill: Ink Swell

Ability: Unit Target

Affects: Allied Units

Damage Type: Magical

Grimstroke shrouds an allied unit in ink, increasing its movement speed while silencing it and making it immune to attacks. Enemies in range of the allied unit are damaged with inky tendrills over time. After 3 seconds it triggers, applying damage and stun in an area around the unit in proportion to how much ink tendrill damage was inflicted across the duration.

Ultimate (SS): Soulbind

Ability: Unit Target

Affects: Enemy Heroes

Damage Type: Magical

Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

Dispellable: Cannot be dispelled

Binds a targeted enemy hero to its nearest allied hero within the bind radius, preventing both from moving away from each other. Any unit-targeted spell that either bound hero receives also gets cast on the other hero. If the bind is broken before the duration expires, the initial target will be bound to its nearest allied hero in the radius.

Skill Tree

Level 10 -- +90 Gold/Min or +30 Movement Speed

Level 15 -- +125 Cast Range or +12% Spell Amplification

Level 20 -- +2 Hits to Kill Phantom or +600 Stroke of Fate Cast Range

Level 25 -- +50% Stroke of Fate Damage or +200 Ink Swell Radius

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