Sunday, August 12, 2018

Backlog 2.0

I'm not yet done with my original list of Backlog articles and yet, here are more pictures on my hard drive that I haven't posted yet. I just found out today that these pictures are just stored on my hard drive waiting to be posted. If it wasn’t for the rains brought about by Habagat, I probably won’t be digging to my hard drive for old pictures.


Inside Bayombong Museum, Nueva Vizcaya

I guess I should play DotA 2 less often and give time to these pictures. I should also figure out a way to create articles faster and upload pictures as soon as my trip is done. I device a plan to segregate the pictures that needs an article vs the pictures that needs to go to the photo blog, to Wikipedia, to the Philippine Heritage Map website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

1. Escolta 2018

2. Makati Bel Air

3. Fort Santiago 2018

4. City of Dreams, Manila

5. Bayombong Museum

6. Rainforest 2017 (2nd time)

7. Marikina Heritage District

8. Jaime C Velasquez Park

9. Villa Escudero 2017

10. Wikipedia Last Entry -- Pililla, Laguna

11. 4th Pailah Festival 2017

12. Santa Clara de Montefalco Church 2016

13. Pagsanjan, Laguna

14. Upper McKinley, Taguig

15. Sto Rosario Church Pasig City

16. Bustos Dam

17. Ortigas Center at Dawn

18. Napindan 2016 using Huawei Y625-U32

19. San Lorenzo Ruiz Church, Taytay 2016

20. All Saints Day 2016

21. Poblacion Makati

22. Sts Peter and Paul Church, Makati

23. Church and Monastery of Guadalupe

24. San Felipe Neri Church, Mandaluyong

25. Church of San Juan del Monte

26. Pinaglabanan Shrine

27. 1 Day Visita Iglesia in Pampanga – San Antonio de Padua

28. San Agustin Church, Lubao

29. Chuch of Guagua, Pampanga

30. Betis Church, Guagua

31. Sta Rita Church, Pampanga

32. Bacolor Church, Pampanga

33. Metropolitan Church of San Fernando, 2016

As usual, the culprit for my inability to post my pictures is because of DotA 2 (yeah, I've been playing a lot) and watching movies. I'm so horrible at time management lately.


Aritao Church in Nueva Vizcaya


Upper McKinley, Taguig City

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