Sunday, July 29, 2018

Why I Hate Noli de Castro

If there's one government official that I truly hate, it would be Noli de Castro, the former Vice President under Arroyo's administration who served as the head of Pag-IBIG from 2004-2010. During his leadership, Pag-IBIG never come up with a website wherein you can see your contributions and file a multi-purpose loan like the one SSS have. Six years -- and not even a centralized records of Pag-IBIG members’ contribution.

vp noli de castro pag ibig fund

Even after he left Pag-IBIG, you still have to consolidate your records if you work in different cities. That's a major pain in the ass. In fact, whenever I file a loan at Pag-IBIG, I always remember how inefficient he was when he's the head of Pag-IBIG. He came at a time where members of Pag-IBIG needed a centralized system to record all contributions of a member -- and after 6 years -- he left the agency as if nothing happened.

SSS had their website before de Castro became head of Pag-IBIG. Today, even PhilHealth has a website wherein you could see all your contributions. How difficult is it to have a website similar to SSS? How come de Castro wasn't able to provide such convenience to members of Pag-IBIG fund in his 6 years in office? Noli de Castro had all the time needed to transform Pag-IBIG into a state-of-the art agency in terms of easy access to member records. However, he's such a failure at it.

Sadly, the Filipino people gained nothing out of Noli de Castro. Sorry for the rant guys. All the inefficiency of Noli de Castro was “refreshed” when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was elected House Speaker. The horrors of these two government officials were brought back.

In fairness to Pag-IBIG staff, I recently asked them via email for a consolidated records of my loan and they were able to provide it without visiting their office. However, it took almost a month for them to send the information.

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