Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Santa Ana Church, Manila

I love visiting old Roman Catholic Churches. These are rich in history and architecture and gives you a glimpse of architecture from the era when these churches were built. The most recent old church I visited along with my colleagues at Grupo Kalinangan Inc was the Santa Ana Church in the District of Manila. I have an idea that it’s an old church but I’m not aware that it’s also rich in history, art and archeology.


The marker on the side of the Santa Ana Church mentioned:

Church of Santa Ana

First Franciscan mission established outside Manila, in 1578. Present church built under the supervision of Vicente Ingles O.F.M. Corner stone laid on September 12, 1720, by Francisco de la Cuesta, Archbishop of Manila and acting Governor of the Philippines.


You can also find, inside the Santa Ana Church, the image of Our Lady of the Abandoned (Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados) as well as the Camarin de la Virgen which are both significant, not only for Roman Catholics but also for historians. It has a historical significance which makes it objects of cultural heritage, along with a very old (undated) ceiling paintings of the life of the Virgin Mary.

If you’re from Metro Manila, it’s definitely a must to visit this place, not just because you’re Catholic, but because of its significance to the history of our people.


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