Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Old Houses in Santa Ana District, Manila

I’ve heard about the old houses of Santa Ana District in Manila last year when I volunteered for the Philippine Heritage Map (by Grupo Kalinangan Inc). It’s only yesterday that I was able to visit it along with Batch 8 – and it’s raining due to Tropical Depression Josie.


I’ll just be posting here the pictures I took of these old houses. All the information you need to know about these houses can be found on the Philippine Heritage Map since it was mapped before by the batches before me.

Some of the houses that I was able to get a little information from our tour guide Boyet Magale of Manila Heritage Tour Santa Ana are the Lichauco House, the Rodil-Bautista House, and the house currently owned by Dr Erica Pascual. A bulk of these old houses in Santa Ana District is located along Suter Street, including an American-era house.

I guess the best advised that I got from this recent heritage mapping seminar is from key speaker Architect Manolo Noche – that in order to contribute to the preservation of these houses is to promote and educate the public that we still have these structures with us. Time is ticking – we should document and visit these heritage houses as soon as possible.

Take a look at these decades old houses of Santa Ana, Manila.



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  3. I wish the house owners of this houses would share something about this heritage houses about its rich history. I want to know it because I live in Sta.Ana

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