Friday, May 12, 2017

Ragnarok PH CBT Coming This June 2017

The Closed Beta Testing (CBT) of Ragnarok Online Philippines under new publisher Electronics Extreme (of Thailand) will happen in the middle of June 2017. This was announced in today’s Q&A Session with no less than Kamphee “Ken” Piromward, Managing Director of Electronics Extreme, and Johnny Paek of Elite Global Sourcing.


They also answered questions from members of the media, bloggers, Guild Masters, and Ragnarok enthusiasts regarding the server settings of the upcoming server. Some of the information that we got from this Question and Answer are the following:

  • Dual Client (up to 5) will be allowed
  • There will be no Ragial marketplace or RO Player Database (ROPD) bot roaming around to collect data. Selling and buying items will be done in the old-fashion way
  • There will be an anti-bot program from Finland
  • It will be a Free-to-Play (F2P) server with no imba item on cash shop
  • No VIP service
  • Item mall will be mostly for costumes
  • Rate of server is 1x (both experience and drop)
  • All items that used to be obtained via cash shop before (with the old publisher LUG) will be available in-game. Even Bubblegums will be obtained from activities in-game
  • Support for the game will be via chat. Please don’t provide your username and password
  • No instance dungeon (MVP). They will promote equality of the people
  • Top-up card will be available for players’ convenience
  • There will be no IP restrictions. Anyone from anywhere can technically play at the new server
  • The game will be launch for PC version only. No native Mac support (unless there is Windows inside Mac) or tablet version
  • There will be no double standard – GMs will have no access to ingame items and all GM items will be reviewed by the Thai publisher. GMs function will be limited to player support
  • There will be some rental items but most items will be permanent
  • Closed Beta Testing will be in the middle of June 2017 and the Open Beta Testing will be announced after the CBT once it’s perfect
  • No fix cast time
  • There will be God items. Guild allies will be allowed
  • Server setting will be Revo-Classic. Philippine server will be very similar to Thai server. They will provide basic quest information but monster information and monsters location is highly encouraged to be learned during the CBT
  • There will be no simulator for a 7 vs 7 match in the game. Players are encouraged to join the real-life events that will be held in different parts of the country
  • There will be no instant job change
  • Registration for the closed beta testing (CBT) starts today. There is no limit on the number of players that can join the CBT
  • There will be two servers – Thor and Loki
  • The server will start with Episode 1 with the basic 2-1 Class
  • All monsters return to original spawn points. Ignore level differences between Player and Monster (Renewal Feature)
  • 2-2 Class will be release within 6 months and High Class within 1-2 years


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