Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My 11 Ragnarok Wish List for the New Server

Now that Gravity, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing officially announced the return of Ragnarok Online to the Philippines, I am compiling a wish list for the new publisher. These are things that I believe we should have in the new server (from the point of view of an RO player since 2003).



I began playing at the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) Thor server in November 2016, although my accounts were migrated from the Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) server when it was closed in March 2015. I noticed some differences on how things work in pRO and iRO and here are some of the things that iRO have that I believe should be at the new Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) server:

  1. Ragial Marketplace and RO Player Database (ROPD) – This will make buying and selling items easier and faster so that players can allot more time in leveling their characters. The iRO community made an exemption for the Ragial bot to roam around key cities and Eden to collect character information. This can be use to avoid getting scammed as well since it will also let you know the alternative characters in an account.
  2. Gramps NPC – a special NPC inside Eden that lets you access 3 special dungeons once your character reach level 70. The special dungeons are Payon (70-100), Geffen (101-125) and Moscovia (126-150). I never saw this type of special dungeon in pRO.

The monsters inside these special dungeons are being change weekly. You can have a quest by talking to Gramps and he’ll ask you to hunt 2 types of monsters (inside the dungeons). Once you’ve hunted 400 monsters of each type, you can turn it in and get rewarded with XP points and Eden Badges. You’ll be given 23 hours for you to repeat this daily quest.

  1. VIP Service – iRO servers are Free-to-Play (F2P) with Premium/VIP Service and has a death penalty of 3%. If you have a character that is level 150 and up, a 3% XP (experience) loss could mean hours of gameplay. That’s when a VIP service is helpful – it makes the death penalty to 1%. Having a VIP service (for 1 month, 3 months or even 6 months) also gives access to special dungeons, buff NPCs, mercenaries, extra Kafra storage and teleport service to dungeons.

I believe pRO have this service before and I usually avail of the P350 monthly subscription before. I believe it will be best that Extreme Electronics should have similar server settings but the price should be based on Philippine (real-life) economy.

Here’s the current VIP settings in iRO:

Warp Portal 2

  1. Eden Bounty Boards – is something new to me when I played at iRO. It is a special quest to hunt down some monsters for extra XP points. There are different monsters assigned to different levels of characters (level 1 up to level 100+). The bounty boards will ask you to hunt 150 monsters. Sometimes the monsters in Gramps dungeons are the same monsters in Eden Bounty Boards which results in a double-bounty for an even more extra XP points. This will serve as a guide on where to level your characters and will be especially helpful for the newbies who never played pRO before. Bounty Quest Boards are located in several towns like Payon, Prontera, Geffen, Hugel, etc.
  2. Special Events Quest – for special occasions like Christmas, Valentines and Easter. pRO and iRO both have this and the headgears that can only be obtained from these special events quests (mostly headgears) give extra boost during the occasion.
  3. No selling of cards – especially MVP cards. I love how iRO maintained the policy that cards can only be obtain by either hunting monsters and Boss (MVPs) or opening an Old Card Album (OCA). I believe one of the mistakes that Level Up Games (LUG) -- the previous publisher of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines – is their Donita and Ligaya NPCs (and Lotti Girl). They also released water down version of MVP cards on cash shop, which they label as Sealed Boss Cards.

I hope Extreme Electronics will never make the same mistake. I firmly believe that cards (especially Boss cards) should only be obtained by hunting them (or opening an OCA). This works fine in iRO server.

  1. Spotlight on maps – means a certain map (like Prontera Field or Geffen Field) will have extra XP points if you hunt the monsters in highlighted maps. This will make a player explore Rune-Midgard and to avoid hunting the same monsters in the same map over and over. Like the Gramps monsters, it can be change on a weekly basis.
  2. Improve handling of tickets – I admire iRO’s way of handling tickets. You get a reply to your filed ticket in 3-5 days. Customer service at iRO are way better than LUG. In fact, I posted an article on how GM Anael of LUG mishandled my inquiry which showed how the previous publisher lacks customer service. I hope Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing would handle players’ inquiry (via official forum or even Facebook) with utmost respect and urgency.
  3. Dual client log-in – is somehow legal in iRO. It does have pros and cons though. It eliminates the need to login to another computer if you need (for example) a link to your character (like a battle sage).

On the other hand, dual login will make War of Emperium (WoE) harder for the Guild Master in terms of giving supplies to his guildmates or giving salary after the siege. Imagine having so many online siegers but only being played by a handful of people.

I never noticed if dual login is available before in pRO. I never login two or more accounts on a single computer in pRO before. I believe it would still be best to disable dual client log-in in the new server that Extreme Electronics will open. I still prefer the old school concept of 1 PC, 1 character policy.

  1. Hypnotist and Mesmerize NPCs – in iRO are very helpful. The Hypnotist NPC (just outside the tool dealer shop in Prontera) can reset your skills tree if you’re level 99 and below. You can do this for unlimited number of times.

The Mesmerize NPC on the other hand, is located inside Eden Group. He can reset both skills and stats ONCE. These two NPCs can let you try other builds for your character before you settle in for the final build.

The Mesmerize NPC is inside Eden and is very near Gramps.


  1. No shortcut for Change Job – In pRO, they implemented special NPCs that can let you skip the required job change for 3rd jobs. I believe that this should not be allowed in the new server so that players can value their 3rd job characters more. It’s just a personal thought though.

There you have it guys, my 11 Ragnarok Wish List for the upcoming server that will be released by Extreme Electronics in the coming days. If you have other things that you wanted to be implemented in the new server, please post it on the comments section below.

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