Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who Are The Leftists?

It started out as a statement, saying that President Duterte is a Pro-Communist. Then my Facebook friend Oliver Allan Lee said:

Oliver Allan Lee pro-communist

Today, I brought it up and Oliver Allan Lee said:

Left Oliver Lee

The question is, who are the leftists? I tried to ask Oliver Allan Lee to clarify his statement “inclined sya sa left” and ask who is he referring to. Who for him are the left? That’s when he gave me a very vague answer.

Who are the Leftists

I have to resort to Google and ask, “who are the leftists in the Philippines?”. Here are some searches that came up.


From WikiPilipinas. CPP, NPA, NDF (the one I’m referring to)


From reddit. Left, NDF (CPP-NPA) and Reformist Left – Akbayan, Sanlakas, etc.


CPP flag

Left 2

The Philippine Left. The Underground Left – CPP, NPA, NDF.

Left 3

Supported by the authoritarian Philippine Left… CPP or any of the organizations associated with it.

Left 4

Leftist… nominated by the NDF.

Left 5

Philippine Left… CPP… NPA… NDF…

Left 6

Leftist… NDF

NDF Flag

NDF Flag

Left 7

From the NDF website. CPP, NPA.

Left 8

Philippine Left… CPP… NPA.


When you say “inclined sya sa left”, is it safe to equate it as pro-communist?

So, is it safe to say that when we say Left, or Leftist in the Philippines, it’s most probably referring to the NDF, CPP, NPA? I don’t want to deal with their ideology or technicalities of the terms but for me, as a layman, Left/Leftist is most commonly referring to the Communists.

Unless you’re a political science gradute or someone who has mastery about the leftist in the Philippines, then please share your thoughts in the comments below. Is President Duterte indeed Pro-Communist?

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