Wednesday, July 27, 2016



I purchase my digital SLR in December 2011 and started attending free workshop on basic photography. DSLR is a complex machine that requires mastery of its manual and creative input of the owner. I invested a lot of time attending seminars on concepts of photography and composition. I also joined a camera club in 2012 to learn more about the art of photography. I started joining photo contest of the club. At first, my entries were never picked to the Top 10. That’s in the club entry of about 20 active professional and long-time hobbyist photographers.

I never stopped learning and improving my photography skills. It took me a year to be included in the Top 10 and after 3 years of always being present in the meeting and always submitting entries, that same club elected me as president. It’s one of the oldest camera clubs in the country and a member of the national federation of Filipino photographers. Not only did I win in club level but I eventually scored a 4th Place in the national level composed of seasoned photographers. It’s definitely a triumph and a continuous challenge to always improve and be ahead of the competition. That my friend is #MyGreatestVictory

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