Friday, July 8, 2016

Banco De Oro (BDO) A. Sandoval Avenue, Pinagbuhatan


Finally, a Banco De Oro (BDO) branch near my location. BDO A. Sandoval Avenue, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City is set to open in a few days. It’s located besides Villa Alegre and opposite Guzman Lugawan in Pinagbuhatan, along A. Sandoval Avenue. It occupies the ground floor of Isagabanna Building.

When I do withdraw from BDO, I bike from Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan all the way to either BDO Mercedez Branch or BDO A. Mabini Branch (Kapasigan, downtown Pasig City). I seldom withdraw from BDO near the Pasig Mega Market since it’s swarming with people.

I guess it’s a good idea to open a bank account here, closer to home. I’m glad BPO is finding ways to serve their customers better.

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