Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Case vs Globe at the NTC (Part 2)

4th Hearing

Even though Globe filed a Motion For Extension Of Time To File Answer (due date of May 24, 2016), they still didn’t file an answer to my complaint. Instead, they send another representative (this time an attorney) to have an amicable settlement.

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So after 5 months since I met Globe’s 1st representative , I’m back on square one – I’m explaining my complaint again, to Globe’s new representative. I have no idea why they changed their representative.

So I explained that I’m complaining because Globe apparently fooled me in renewing my contract without revealing that they will change my Unlimited Internet into Limited Internet (7 GB/day). I explained that I’m not against their Fair Use Policy (FUP), which is allowed by the NTC, provided they inform their customers. What I’m complaining is, Globe didn’t inform me about changing my account into 7 GB/day (from Unlimited).

Globe also informed me that they can’t revert back my current 7 GB/day package back to my former Unlimited Package, which I can’t verify because I don’t know someone working on the system of Globe. So she asked me what could be my demand for an amicable settlement. The next scenario is like “tawaran” portion of a game show:

Globe: we offer you 2 months of compensation (my monthly bill at P1,300/month times 2)

Me: I want compensation from the time that Globe fooled me into renewing my contract without divulging the full details of changing my package (which was 2 years ago).

Globe: We can’t do that. We could offer 6 months of compensation since you used the service anyway

Me: Yes, I used the service but it doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t inform me about changing my plan into the FUP. How about we start from the time I complaint about this? (1 year ago)

Globe: I have to ask our management about this. Since I’m only allowed to offer 6 months of compensation

So our 5th Hearing (hopefully the last) is set for July 2016. Globe is also asking the NTC lawyer that I remove my blog posts about this hearing, which the NTC lawyer didn’t ask me to do. Thus, I’m posting Part 2 of this hearing to inform the public how long and tedious this process is.

I guess it’s a strategy of Globe to wear-out the complainant to accept their offer for an amicable settlement. I guess I have to research and ask other Globe subscribers on what to expect if an amicable settlement is not reach. I guess it will be similar to my experience with the NLRC wherein I hire a lawyer and my ex-employee hires their own lawyer and we engage ourselves in an even tedious legal battle.

Shake Hands

If you’re a Globe subscriber who reaches that part after the amicable settlement, please share your experience so that I could decide if I should accept their offer or go on with the legal battle. No Globe employee troll please.


Globe and the NTC lawyer was a no-show on our 3rd Hearing last month by the way.

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