Saturday, February 27, 2016

Blogopolis 4D Was A Blast

It’s my 2nd time attending the Blogopolis and this year was a blast. I learned a lot from the speakers and panelists and it really inspired me to continue blogging and re-invent my blog. It also reminded me on how to make a quality blog – good content publish regularly.

Jonathan Yabut – shared his ideas on marketing in the digital age.

Richie Zamora – talked about the beginning of his blog and how to be different from all the other food bloggers out there.

RJ Ledesma – shared his experiences with Mercato Centrale and how to be a blogger/entrepreneur.

Valerie Lim – talked about reinventing ourselves including our blogs, since it’s an extension of who we are.

Googly Gooeys – shared a lot of videos regarding their most recent projects including workshops and painting a big heart sculpture.

Peach Natividad – talked about the concept of breaking the internet and sustain it.

Ramon Bautista – entertained the crowd with his humor and gave practical tips on how to impress the audience, in real time and on the blogosphere.

Congressman Leni Robredo – talked about our responsibilities as bloggers to use blogs and social media responsibly, participate in government activities, and check government websites regularly

Abe Olandres – shared lessons he learned in the past 10 years of blogging. It’s either being the first to publish the event or publish the best blog post about the event.

Anna Bigornia – gave us an idea on what will be the trending topics

Sherwin dela Cruz – of iFlix shared what’s going on with our TV viewing habits.

Thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible – Travel Book, SM Supermalls, Flight 001, YiLinker, Fern-C, Purveyr, MacPower, Zalora, Curves, Aeropostale, Gardenia, Watsons, Marks & Spencer, EZY, Farmer John, Zomato, iFlix, Rappler, CNN Philippines, Adobo Magazine, Light Network, Scout Magazine, Aktivshow, among others.


Thank you again Nuffnang Philippines for the free tickets.




Wonderful items from the Googly Gooeys.




Power Mac Center


Flight 001


Sam YG hosted the first part of the event.


Jonathan Yabut


The ultimate question from Jonathan Yabut: “How can the blogging community help brands stay relevant with their fast-evolving, less loyal consumers?”


Richie Zamora of The Pickiest Eater. Amazing food blog.


Fashion blogger David Guison was among the panelists.


RJ Ledesma giving tips on marketing in social media.


Valerie Lim showing the difference between her image before and her image now.


The newest member of the Googly Gooeys family. We’ll be expecting his/her cartoon equivalent soon.


Find your own art style.


Jim Paredes was among the panelists as well.


I’m surprise to know that AJ Dee is also a blogger.


Brand talk with YiLinker.


Justin Bieber (and Ramon Bautista) are examples of people who broke the Internet and sustain their presence.


Peach Natividad showing us the trutch about breaking the Internet.


Ramon Bautista talked about “Paano Maging Internet Action Star?”


A more connected, caring world – Leni Robredo.



Congressman Leni Robredo encourage bloggers and writers to participate in government projects and to visit government websites more often.


The Official Gazette is a good source of government information, even without the Freedom of Information bill yet.


Abe Olandres: “Treat (your blogs) it as a business not a hobby”.


Anna Bigornia shared her idea of Creativity, Technology and Data, working together.

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