Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we’ll definitely be busy with several events this Christmas and New Year. December is often the time of the year when high school reunion are held as well as company Christmas parties. In addition to these two events, I’ll also be attending two more additional Christmas parties from several camera clubs and some out-of-town trips.

Negros Occ Prov Capitol

Travelling and taking pictures are ways to reduce stress levels.

December is also the time of the year to be reunited with friends and “inaanak”. I currently have 6 –one in Quezon City, one in Marikina, and four here in Pasig City. I’m often the one who visits them to bring their “aginaldo” and have chitchat with their parents.

With several events during December, I boost my immunity in 5 ways:

1. I don't smoke and I limit drinking alcoholic beverages.

2. I get adequate sleep daily.

3. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

4. I reduce stress levels by listen to music on Spotify, taking photographs, and watching Kalyeserye. The latter never fails to give me good vibes and makes me laugh.

5. I take vitamins like FERN-C. It’s a great source of added immunity.


Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a sure way of boosting our immunity.

Fern-C can definitely help us have a stress-free Christmas because it’s an immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant. It increases body resistance against infections and is a source of added immunity. It is also the first and only Quali-C sodium ascorbate in the Philippines, which assures you and your family of a safe, world-class product.

Fern-C contains sodium ascorbate produced by DSM of Switzerland, the second-largest producer of vitamin raw materials (next only to nature). In the Philippines, FERN-C is the only vitamin C which carries Quali-C®. Quali-C® assures that you and your family are getting only the safest, world-class quality sodium ascorbate.

The advantage of sodium ascorbate versus ascorbic acid is that it’s alkaline. Sodium ascorbate is a form of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which is more bioavailable and “alkaline”, unlike the ascorbic acid form of the C vitamin, which leads to stomach upset in some people. (

For only P6.50/capsule, we can get a tried and tested immunity booster and potent anti-oxidant that’s subok na.

Please visit FERN-C’s official website and like their Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Regular exercise, eating healthy foods and taking immune booster supplements are very helpful and important for immunity boosting.