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5 Reasons I Will Not Vote For Duterte

As a blogger and a Wikipedia contributor, the #1 rule I learned is to credit your source for everything you’re saying on your blog (or article) that is not your personal opinion. When you’re stating your source, it should be from a generally-accepted reliable website (.com) and not from a blog.


Image courtesy of The Philippine Star.

On the topic of why I’m not voting for Duterte, here are my reasons for #NoToDuterte:

  1. Duterte disregards rules – the filling for the Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) was already scheduled October 12 to 16, 2015. Duterte filed his CoC November 27. For me, it’s general disregard for rules. My Facebook friends are seeing it as a political strategy to gain attention, but for me, I see it as a reason not to vote for him. I’m seeing an indecisive candidate.

He held 2 press conferences saying, he is not seeking the presidency – and yet, he filed a CoC. For me, that’s a sign of being indecisive and I will not vote for indecisive candidates.

“Ending weeks of speculation, he announced this during a press conference in Davao City on Monday afternoon, October 12. This is the second press conference he has called to confirm he is not seeking the presidency.” Source and Source.

  1. Duterte is known for human rights violation – he was quoted, on criminals, “Kill all of them”. Source

For me, killing another human being is not acceptable for whatever reason. Even Hitler deserves to be in prison to reflect on his crimes. I believe every criminal has the right to repent. I still believe in our current criminal justice system. There is no Death Penalty in our law.

Duterte, by the way, admitted to these killings. Source

“His strongman approach was criticized by no less than the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and other human rights advocates as a form of vigilante justice”. Source

  1. He’s not successful at keeping a marriage – I don’t trust a political candidate who can’t keep a wife happy. “Court records show that it was his wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman Duterte, who was on the receiving end of  “emotional abuse” from Rodrigo whom she described as a “womanizer” who had frequent “outbursts of temper.” Source

This is the best quote that describes his character, as a person:

“The court cited the results of an examination by a clinical psychologist who found Rodrigo unable to “remain committed to a person or a relationship.” He carries a “gross indifference to others’ needs and feelings, heightened by lack of capacity for remorse and guilt.” Source

  1. I generally hate political dynasty – and Duterte has been mayor of Davao City since 1988. I’m a strong opponent of political dynasties and I criticize even the Eusebio family for that.

Even before Duterte became mayor, his father Vicente Duterte (died in 1988) served as Davao Provincial Governor from 1959 to 1965. Source

“Digong is among the country’s longest-serving mayors. He has been Davao City mayor for 7 terms, totalling more than 22 years. When not a mayor, he was vice mayor under his daughter, Sara, or congressman.” Source

  1. Davao as one of the safest cities in the world is questionable – Again, we have to dig deeper at the source of this statement. I found out that this list was from an unpopular website, Numbeo. I myself is subscribe to news organizations and agencies. Yet, this is the first time I heard about this unpopular website.

According to Google, it is the world's largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Sorry, but I only trust news websites.

User contributed data is similar to a popularity vote. Not necessarily from a news-worthy website like BBC, CNN, or even Inquirer. The ranking of Davao is not based on research. It’s not even based on the statistics by the Philippine National Police.

I tried Numbeo’s way of obtaining data and found out how questionable their method is. Click here.

On the other hand, I find two things I like about Duterte:

  1. He believes in a Federal form of government, which I also, strongly believe. To quote a website: “He considers federalism the only way to solve corruption, criminality and the Bangsamoro problem.” Source
  2. Davao City as a 911 system for emergency – which is always a good thing. I admire Duterte for this. Source 

In the end, I still won’t vote for Duterte since the negative side of him surpasses the positive ones. I don’t care if majority of my Facebook friends will cast their one vote for Duterte, but mine will not be counted for him. #NoToDuterte

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