Sunday, February 23, 2014

11 Things I Want To See In the Next 37+ Years


It’s my 37th birthday and I simply want to thank God for allowing me to walk on Earth this long. As I grow older, my belief in a Higher Power grows stronger. I just hope that God will give me another 37 years so that I could see the progress of mankind when it comes to technology, medicine and science.

I particularly wanted to see the following things unfold before I meet my Creator:

  1. Airplanes capable of vertical lift-off – I believe that this would be the apogee of the aerospace industry. A 747 capable of vertical lift-off – wow! We’ll be saving a lot of land area for airports if we have the technology to lift these huge airplanes up in the air as if using anti-gravity technology.
  2. Water as fuel for cars and other vehicles – Right now, most 3rd World Countries are suffering because we’re dependent on oil. If the technology to turn water into fuel for cars and other vehicles (like the steam engine during the Industrial Revolution), it would help everyone on the planet.
  3. The Philippines as a First World Country – Why not? Our neighbors did it. It’s possible. Believe.
  4. Gay Marriage and Divorce in the Philippines – I believe that having gay marriage official in a country (as well as divorce) is the ultimate indicator on how mature citizens are in terms of maturity. It’s also a key indicator on how tolerant a society is in terms of mutual respect among its citizens. Most First World Countries recognizes both gay marriage and divorce – and I would like to see this happen in the Philippines as well.
  5. The rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem – For Catholics like me, the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem would announce the Coming of the Christ. The first prophecy about Israel gaining back its former land was already fulfilled (May 1948). Once the State of Israel decided to rebuild the 3rd Temple in Israel, it would be a wonderful experience for believers of the Bible and for those history enthusiasts like me.
  6. The independence of Tibet from China – I’m a strong supporter of the Dalai Lama and I would be very happy to see if the former country of Tibet would regain its independence. This would prove that independence can be gain by non-violence means and that the world government could be united in resolving issues like this in a peaceful way.
  7. Mars Landing and establishment of a human colony there – This would probably be the most astounding news for mankind. If a human colony could be established in Mars, then what can prevent us in exploring other parts of the universe?
  8. Cure for Diabetes, HIV and all kinds of Leukemia – For the longest time, the cure for these diseases have been researched and studied. It would be fabulous to see the day that these diseases would be a thing of the past (like polio).
  9. Teleportation – I would like to see an improvement to the Fax Machine. Instead of just re-creating the texts written on a piece of paper, I hope to see a device in the future that can literally break down any object into its simplest form (atoms) be able to transmit that over fiber optic lines, and be re-created on another location. It such machine would be invented in the future, I’m pretty much sure that human teleportation would then be possible.
  10. Electricity being distributed wirelessly – I’ve seen the TV series Dracula and it was set in London in the 1900s. In that alternate universe, the protagonist of the series, Dracula (under a different name) was able to create a technology that could distribute electricity wirelessly. In that TV show, light bulbs can be powered by electricity wirelessly.
  11. See Aliens in the Flesh – In the 90s, the hype was, the world would end in an asteroid collision. It was also the theme of movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact. Lately, the hype is, we’ll be visited (or conquered) by aliens. This is the scenario is such films like District 9 and TV series like Falling Sky and Star-Crossed. Hopefully, I’ll get to see the day that a spaceship will land on Earth and aliens would talk to us about inter-planetary alliance.

These are the things that I’m hoping to see in the next 37 (or more) years. Hopefully, I’ll earn God’s indulgence and let me live a happy life up to age 80. That’s also my birthday wish on this 37th birthday of mine.

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