Thursday, August 11, 2022

Get Ready! The Countdown to Freelife Zero NFT CBT Starts!

One of the most anticipated NFT games, Freelife Zero NFT, released the timeline of its plans for the opening of the server and now, we’re counting down to the CBT!

Freelife Zero NFT CBT 1200x1200


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Freelife Games announcing that they’re working on a project that brings a fresh experience to the table of NFT games. A few of the known influencers who dabble in this kind of games have already expressed their interest. Now, it seems, we’re finally seeing the horizon as the schedule for Freelife Zero NFT was released.

Another good thing is that the CBT participants who reached level 50 and above will be eligible to join the Pre-Sale event which will come after! Limited packages and a good headstart in availing items await those who’ll be able to take part in the Pre-sale. In this way, players can test out the game and weigh their interest on it first before fully committing to purchase and play. Kind of like those free-taste food you find in supermarkets.

Below are the dates you should mark on your calendars:

  • Closed Beta Test: August 16 to 21, 2022

  • Pre-sale: August 23 to 25, 2022

  • Open Beta Test: Coming Soon.

Just a few days before the CBT! Who knew the chance to test the waters of this game is almost here? According to the team, players will get to experience some parts of the game in Closed Beta Test before the Pre-sale phase. So, for those who are interested or still a bit skeptical about how Freelife Games can pull this stunt, join the CBT and see the game for yourself!

Another event you can participate in is the on-going 3rd Airdrop event which gives a lot of rewards for completion of some simple tasks. This’ll give you a bit of an advantage as the items you can get are very useful in the game. Check out all the details here:

So, what do you think? Will you be touching the grass of another MMORPG in the form of an NFT game?

Follow the news and updates about Freelife Zero NFT here:

White Paper:

Freelife Zero NFT Timeline


Freelife Games

Freelife is a gathering of people who love Ragnarok Mythology and want to see better days and nights for gamers in Thailand. Founded in 2011 with passion, it started from humble beginnings with a mere budget of only $1,000 and a team of only 2 people. The team has long been famous and has garnered many partners throughout the years. At present, it is a gathering of quality teams with many experiences from various fields. From game services and game development to the field of software/system development and Blockchain, Freelife has countless expertise in many areas and has proven itself to be on the same ground with the leading companies in Thailand and abroad.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Trip To Quiapo (in Pictures) Part 2 of 2

Here are the rest of my recent visit to the melting pot that is Quiapo.




Underpass along Recto Avenue, Quiapo, Manila. I guess Mayor Isko’s clean-up program didn’t reach this part of his jurisdiction.



Recto Avenue corner Quezon Blvd – the haven for thesis bookbinding, trophies, laminations and stuff. This is also the place where fake certificates and diploma are made. This has been this way since my college years – and nothing has change really. It’s like I travelled back in time to the 2000s.









Quezon Blvd, Quiapo, Manila leading to Intramuros area









Quiapo Church, along Quezon Blvd, is a haven for bikers





The foot patch along the Quiapo Church



World-famous Quiapo Church, Manila









Villalobos Street leading to Quiapo Church











If you are into making bracelets made of beads, then Villalobos Street in Quiapo is the place for you.





One of the oldest SM Branch in the Philippines – located along Carlos Palanca Street, Quiapo, Manila. This is also where the famous Excelente Cooked Ham is located.









So many fruits and vegetables seller / vendor in Villalobos and Carlos Palanca Streets in Quiapo, Manila.





Gonzalo Puyat Street, Quiapo, Manila. This street is where the Globe Lumpia House is located. It’s my first time to visit it and I was surprised that it’s a really small place but it’s famous.



This is the famous Globe Lumpia House that sells fresh lumpia. It’s now at P35 per piece – and I find it small in size and lacks the flavor of the lumpia vegetables itself. All I tasted was the garlic.