Thursday, July 22, 2021

With Total of $6000 Cash Prize on the Line, The Last Pillar Battle Arrives

There’s a new mobile Ragnarok Online version but guess what – I’m still playing the old school, PC version of this famous MMORPG. Here’s the latest from Rune Midgard courtesy of RO Extreme:

With Total of $6000 Cash Prize on the Line, The Last Pillar Battle Arrives

Conflict of interests and the desires to win clashed against each other, but only the firmest of all withstood the month-long war. And now, the conclusive battle draws nigh.

LOGO_RO_War of 4 Pillars_FINAL-01


After the conquest of the castles, Midgard calls for the competitive spirits of those who stood their ground in the war and lasted. All who were crowned to be the pillars of each server will once again prove themselves in the final face-off on the 24th and 25th of July, this year. Yggdrasil will be the first to behold its champion while Valhalla will follow the next day.

Taking the title as one of the pillars was no easy feat as the finalists had to ram their way through numerous obstacles and opponents in order to get the highest points in War of Emperium. In the end, the guild ▪ 322 ▪ led by ³²²Antonette emerged on top in Valhalla while it was ·V·S·O·P·, commanded by ·Boss·Dy·, which took the highest place in Yggdrasil. But this doesn’t mean these guilds can rest easy. The other top 2 to 4 guilds (Valhalla: Valiant [Verz], Imperial Regalia, Blitzkrieg; Yggdrasil: J O K E R, Nocturnal, [ insert Guild Name ]) have a fair chance to victory in the year’s most intense duels that will happen in late July. So, it’s to be expected that the heat of the rivalry will rise more than ever.

War of 4 Pillars Finalists


Are they to be blamed when the stakes are high? Not only will they all vouch for the top crown, the participants are setting their eyes on the prize as well. A cash prize of $1,600 awaits the winner on the top throne of the competition. The 2nd place will get $800 while there will be two guilds who will receive the consolation prize, each amounting to $300 in cash. All of the prize comes with a corresponding in-game money and fancy items. And these are just for one server! Considering the two servers, the total cash prize amounts to $6000. The triumphant don’t only get to flex with their costumes and in-game funds, they also get to win in real life! The effort and struggles to get here were definitely worth it.

War of 4 Pillars Finals Reward


All the finalists are gearing up and rearing to head into battle, but have you seen the risks they took to deserve a spot in the finals? If not, check out the highlights of their previous battle in Ragnarok Online MSP’s official Facebook Page:

Don’t want to miss the final battle? Know all the details of the upcoming War of the 4 Pillars Finals in RMSP’s official website and see you in the live stream:

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