Sunday, January 6, 2019

My PusaKal Named Bloodseeker

January 2018 -- A few days ago, while playing the character Bloodseeker in DotA2 in several matches, I saw this tiny ginger kitten sitting under a tricycle. My heart sank because it was too tiny. I suddenly remember the campaign of PAWS Philippines about adopting a kitten instead of buying it (#AdoptNotShop). I am gulty of shopping for kittens (Mirana, Pugna (+) and Riki were all shopped for P1,500 each).

To amends to my mistake, and to support the campaign drive of PAWS Philippines, I decided to take the tiny ginger in as my 4th cat and named him after another DotA2 hero – Bloodseeker. I actually tested her first (yes, it's a female) if she's already eating cat food. Good thing she likes VitaPet's cat food (although It's intended for adult cats).

Bloodseeker was all dirty so I bath her. I also showed her the litter box and she was able to use it for the first-time today. I hope she adapts the hobby of using it regularly. I guess Bloodseeker is about a month's old. I'll set her birthday every January 15. Wish me luck in raising my newly-adopted kitten.



My PusaKal (Pusang Kalye or stray cat) Bloodseeker will be turning 1 year old this January 15, 2019 and she just gave birth to 3 kittens a few weeks ago. Look at her latest pictures below. He turned out to be a fine PusPin (Pusang Pinay).