Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ragnarok Champions’ League 2019

The Siege of the Year is Here: Ragnarok Champions’ League 2019

It’s the time of the year again for the biggest siege of the Ragnarok Online guilds reigning from Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore: the Ragnarok Champions’ League.

The Ragnarok Champions’ League is all about dominating the War of Emperium 2, a weekly siege where guilds conquer castles. But this year, there will be a twist as the mechanics will be different from last year. The weekly rankings will be unpredictable because guilds will have the chance to lose or steal their hard-earned points from WoE in Fight Night which is going to be a part of the competition.

Starting on October 17, in six weeks, guilds will contend in the guild war (WoE 2) every Thursday to gain points depending on the castles they’ve conquered. Every week, the points for each castle change. Then, they will have to risk gaining or losing their points in Fight Night that will happen every Saturday.

The results determine their rank for the week which will be updated in the event’s scoreboard. When the final battle concludes, the 1st in rankings will receive a cash prize of PHP 100,000 with 12 God item ingredients and 6,000 White Potion Box. There will also be a maximum of PHP 105,000 cash prize for the Fight Night on top of the total cash prize of PHP 180,000 which really gets the gears turning for the guilds to prepare. Aside from getting the cash and in-game items as prizes, the top 6 guilds will also have the chance to participate in a bigger competition.

In the war of conquering and overpowering, how will these guilds try to take the reins? Who will have an aggressive take? Who will use their wits and outsmart their foes? Whose war cry will drown the others and be heard the most? Anticipate as the best of conquerors rise and be the champion of the league. Full details of the competition can be found on the official Ragnarok Online PH website: .

Monday, September 30, 2019

Blogapalooza’s Blogafest 2019

It’s an annual thing that I’ve been attending since 2016. This year, it’s again set to bring bloggers from all around the country to The City of Dreams, Manila for the annual Blogapalooza event. Yesterday it was announced via their Twitter account that it will be held on November 23, 2019 Saturday. They’re also asking bloggers to guess this year’s theme based on the emojis appearing on their tweet.

I’m guessing this year’s theme will be something like “Carnival”. I can’t wait for the event. For those who haven’t attended this massive blogging event, please go to the following Eventbrite link, register and use the password “blogafam” --

This year’s host is Hiyasmin Neri.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

UKEAS Study World Education Fair Returns on October

MANILA, Philippines – The Study World Education Fair is back to provide students in the Philippines with the chance to continue their education overseas on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, at the Shangri-La Makati, from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Students can meet representatives from the world’s leading universities, enjoy workshops, and explore scholarship and visa opportunities.

What is the UKEAS Study World Education Fair?
UKEAS is a global leader in education consultancy. With 36 offices in 6 countries, UKEAS provides free and impartial counselling and application services for students who wish to study in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. UKEAS offers professional, comprehensive, and friendly service to students of all academic levels.
The Study World Education Fair brings representatives from the world’s leading universities together to empower students with the information they need to pursue an education abroad. Partner universities include the following, but not limited to:
· INTO – Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom)
· INTO – Manchester (United Kingdom)
· INTO – Marshal University (United States)
· INTO – Newcastle University (United Kingdom)
· INTO – Oregon State University (United States)
· INTO – Queen’s University of Belfast (United Kingdom)
· Istituto Marangoni (United Kingdom)
· Kaplan – International College Glasgow (United Kingdom)
· Kaplan – International College Liverpool (United Kingdom)
· Kaplan – University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)
· Kaplan – University of York (United Kingdom)
· Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom)
· University of Leeds (United Kingdom)
· S P Jain Global School of Global Management (Australia)
· SIM Global Education (Singapore)
· Canadore College (Canada)
· De Montfort University (United Kingdom)
· Goldsmiths University of London (United Kingdom)
· HULT Business School (United States, United Kingdom)
· Mander Portman Woodward – MPW (United Kingdom)
· Oncampus UK (United Kingdom)
· University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
· University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom)
· University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)
· Shorelight Education (United States)
In addition, guests can look forward to a number of workshops:
· How an International Creative Course Jumpstarts Your Career (Goldsmith’s University of London)
· How to Build a Globally Competitive Fashion Portfolio (Instituto Marangoni)
· Alumni Panel (UKEAS Alumni)
· IELTS Writing Tips & Techniques (Rosella Toerrecampo, IELTS Expert)

Why Study Overseas?There are many good reasons to pursue an education overseas. Some of the top benefits one can enjoy are the access to courses not offered in the Philippines while seeing and immersing in new cultures. This is a chance to develop new connections for future networking, explore new interests, improve your career prospects on a global stage, and experience independent living. It’s an exciting and positive chance to earn a brighter future for yourself!
The Time is Now to Study Abroad!
Experience workshops from top-ranking universities and learn about scholarship and student visa opportunities at the UKEAS Study World Education Fair on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, in Makati City, from 12:00 PM – 6:00PM. Register now at to begin your journey to study overseas!
Having 26 years of experience in free international education advisory, UKEAS has helped over 78,000 students achieve their dreams of pursuing courses in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. With more than 600 institution partnerships and 300 professional team members, UKEAS has made itself accessible to individuals by offering free services in 36 offices including Taiwan, Nigeria, Ghana, UK, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Learn more at and become a member of its online community at
For more information, please contact:Danise Flores | Media Relations | Centaur Marketing | +63 917 651 5984

Saturday, September 21, 2019

View of Bridgetowne from Rosario, Pasig

In my almost 3 years working in Bridgetowne Libis, this is the first time that I have taken picture of this place from the other side of the Marikina River. Sharing with you the pictures of Zeta, Exxa and Tera from Rosario, Pasig City. Here’s an info about this place.

Bridgetowne Business Park – is one of Robinsons Land Corporation’s (RLC) 3 IT parks together with CyberGate (Mandaluyong) and Robinson’s CyberGate (Davao). It’s a mixed-use development located along C-5 road, Ugong Norte, Quezon City. The development is located near the Ortigas Central Business District. (1) and is easily accessible to public transportation such as jeepneys, MRT, and shuttle services connecting to major roads such as EDSA, Ortigas Avenue, and E. Rodriguez Jr Avenue. (2)
Bridgetowne is a 30-hectare property that will have a Robinson’s Mall and a hotel (3) and is worth P30-billion (4). It started out as a two-hectare property in Libis acquired by RLC in 2012 from Republic Glass Holdings Inc. Bridgetowne will span both sides of the Pasig River (near Rosario) and is expected to be completed by 2022. (5)
Three buildings are currently situated in Bridgetowne – Tera, Exxa and Zeta. A 4th building called Giga is currently being constructed. All these buildings are PEZA-registered prime office buildings.
Bridgetowne IT park in Quezon City is quickly proving to be a major IT-BPO business hub, with influential IT-BPO industry players established a headquarters in the area already.
Today, there are numerous office spaces for rent in Bridgetowne ranging from private offices to coworking space for companies that want to operate in Quezon City. There are a few key reasons driving Bridgetown as a location of choice for IT BPO players. (6)
In April 2016, the 1,000 square meters Robinson’s Bridgetowne Tent was unveiled (7). In July 2019, RLC teamed up with Hong Kong Land Group to jointly invest around P5.6 billion to develop a residential enclave in Bridgetowne (7).


The 4th Internet of Things Summit, SMX SM Aura

I was fortunate enough to get invited to this year’s Internet of Things (IoT) Summit at SMX SM Aura, Taguig. It was my first time to attend this event and this year is about the adoption of IPv6 protocol and 5G technology. This year is also the 2nd IPv6 + 5G Global Summit. I’m surprised to know that India is the leading country in Asia when it comes to the adoption of the latest protocol, IPv6.

I’ve seen a lot of exhibitors in this summit and learned new technologies. There’s the usual 3D printer company and Samsung has a booth that displays their latest WiFi routers for Business/Enterprise customers. There’s a robot that’s very interesting, a home-innovation tech and a hologram-projection software company. It’s nice to attend seminars like this. It helps me keep up with the latest in technology and the Internet.
Again, my gratitude to Evy Raquion of IOT Summit PH for the invitation.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

IPv6 and 5G technology to feature in the 4th Internet of Things Summit 2019

Manila, Philippines, The biggest Internet experts gathering will convene at the 4th IoT Summit PH which is co-located with the 2nd IPv6 + 5G Global Summit on a two-day event in Manila on September 18-19, 2019 at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City.

The co-located events is made possible in collaboration with Internet Things (IoT) Summit PH, IPv6 Forum Philippines and the IEEE 5G . It will showcase tech-based companies and start-ups at the exhibits while also offering professionals and participants the chance to meet and talk with international tech experts at the conference proper.
This year, the 4th IoT Exhibition and conference will focus on 5G and IPv6 implementations, deployment strategies, and challenges met among participating countries. The speakers are 5G and IoT experts coming from Asia & Europe headed by the President of the Global IPv6 Forum and IEEE 5G IoT, Mr. Latif Ladid.
Devices and services enabled by IoT is expected to hit a major surge as the tech world and researchers work around the impending saturation of IPv4 address, as more and more smart gadgets connect to the internet daily. The development of 5G networks together with the IPv6 is expected to push international tech innovators to deploy new ways of accessing the internet and implementing IoT services.
The IoT Summit Ph is an annual gathering of tech-based entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals where they scout for exciting new ventures and development in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of competition and prepare for new business horizons.
“5G over IoT will power the next internet. With the implementation and deployment of IPv6, the network infrastructure will benefit the global connectivity and it’s a good start for the Philippines as we are being valued by our global alliance in this initiative to make the Philippines ready for the future” said Medel Ramirez, President of IPv6 Forum Philippines.
“We also want to present the importance of 5G in of Internet of Things, it is more than a technology but it is a backbone for IoT applications such as Virtual Reality, Smart Cities, Smart Homes and others” according to Elaine Cedillo added, the Founder and Project of IoT Summit Philippines.
5G will become mainstream, and businesses need to start now with developing and reimagining services and products to leverage 5G's superior capabilities and that includes the IoT deployment, Cedillo added.
The 4th IoT Summit PH is organized by Redwizard Events Technology, in partnership with IEEE 5G IoT and IPv6 Forum Philippines and supported by PLDT Enterprise.
This year, IoT Summit PH will also conduct network engineering workshops previously offered abroad in partnership with Sixcape.. The training is comparable to Cisco CCNA, but all related to IPv6.
IoT and IPv6 + 5G Global Summit aims to promote and empower IoT ecosystem and 5G Adaptation in the Philippines. Interested participants can take advantage of the Early bird rate promos and discounts for groups or corporate, and are also available for a limited time.
For more info, you may visit their website at You can also check out, or For further inquiries, you may contact the Redwizard Events Secretariat at (02) 2189023 or at 09209734926 and 09179048777.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hoping For A Back-To-Back Win For OG

Tomorrow is the big day of DotA2's The International (TI) 9 at Shanghai, China. OG successfully made it to the finals by eliminating PSG LGD in the Upper Bracket. They await the winner of Team Liquid vs PSG LGD tomorrow for the Grand Finals. I am hoping that it will be a match between OG and Team Liquid – both champions of TI.
I've been a fan of OG since I watched the rivalry of former team mates N0tail and Fly (of Evil Geniuses) and I was amazed at OG's performance last year. They were not directly invited to TI8 but they made it via regional tournament. Then they slay everyone at the lower bracket to finally eliminate PSG LGD at the grand finals.

I've been playing DotA2 for several years now, but I only followed The International last year. In fact, I missed the Manila Major when it was staged here in the Philippines. My friends at work got me into watching professional players play the game that we love. It's fun. It's like watching professional basketball or soccer matches.
I even created a Twitter account just to follow professional DotA2 players and teams. Slowly, I get familiar with the teams from South East Asia (SEA) like our very own TNC Predator and Mineski. I also got acquainted with Virtus Pro, Team Secret, Ninja in Pyjamas, Alliance, etc.
The International is the biggest eSports event. Last year, the total pool prize for DotA2 reached $20+ million. This year, the prize pool for TI9 is now at $33 million dollars. That's just 25% of all the total earnings from Battle Pass and other in-game items. Imagine how much Valve is earning just from DotA2 alone.
Tomorrow, I'm hoping that OG will finally be the first team to claim the Aegis of Immortality (the trophy) two times. I hope N0tail, Ceb, JerAx, ana and Topson will have a great time tomorrow and claim the biggest prize in eSports as well as gaining the admiration of Chinese fans (who boo them in their match with PSG LGD).
Good luck OG!

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Night to Brawl is Here: Ragnarok Online Fight Night 2

After the successful merge of the servers Valkyrie (PH) and Thor (MYSG), here comes the night to brawl and be the best in Valhalla.

Electronics Extreme Ltd. starts off its events for the combined Ragnarok Online server with Fight Night 2 after the two regional servers were recently combined into one. Fight Night 2 is the battle to prove the strength of the guilds by competing in a 56-vs-56 tournament.

After releasing a teaser last month, details were finally announced in the official page regarding Fight Night 2, the sequel to one of the most anticipated events of Ragnarok Online. The first Fight Night was held earlier this year both in PH and MYSG servers separately. But this time, since all players are now in one server, all guilds will come to face their counterparts from other regions. Although this is the second Fight Night, it will be the first event where all Filipino, Malaysian, and Singaporean players come together.

Having more competitors stand against them, who will be able to fight their way and succeed to reach the top? Find out through the updates from the official website

Electronics Extreme Ltd.

Electronics Extreme (EXE) was founded in 2014 with a management team comprised of over 15 years experienced veterans in gaming industry and more than 200 staff who understand the needs of fellow gamers. With their main mission and determination of “providing fun and happiness to our customers with better gaming experience”, Electronics Extreme has already become a leading online game publisher in Thailand. Not only the operation in gaming publishing, Electronics Extreme also covers the services of channeling, marketing, and customer service for business process outsourcing with a strategic position in the hub of Southeast Asia.

Electronics Extreme Limited (Philippines) brought in as its management team players who helped shape the Philippines’ gaming industry. Currently, it continues to hire empowered and passionate individuals who want to make their mark in gaming. Electronics Extreme Limited (Philippines) is poised to make waves in the Southeast Asian market. Our mission is simple: bring the best experience that we can to the gamers.