Sunday, September 30, 2018

More Pictures of Ground Zero eSports Lounge

Here are more pictures of the newest gaming hub located inside Xentro Mall, Antipolo City – Ground Zero eSports Lounge. It’s perfect for gamers and casual Internet users. I would love to watch TI9 here.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ground Zero eSports Lounge, Xentro Mall, Antipolo City

It’s 3:36 PM and I’m typing this at one of the computers here at Ground Zero eSports Lounge. It’s located at the 2F of the Xentro Mall in Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Rizal Province. I’m here for the opening of this high end cafe for gamers and I’m awed by it’s equipment, PC, environment and amenities. It’s really a high end gaming lounge similar to the one in Quezon City.
I came from work at Bridgetowne, Ugong Norte and I went here via the public transport -- 2 jeeps. First from IPI Quezon City to Antipolo City via jeep (with Tanay signage) with a fare of P23 pesos. I got off the circumferential road and rode another jeep going back to Crossing via Sumulong Highway with a fare of P18. I guess I took the long road.
I was equally impressed by Xentro Mall as well. It’s also a high end mall and a perfect place for Ground Zero. If you’re a gamer from North Metro Manila who’s looking for a high-end gaming experience with premier facilities, this is the place for you. With the rise of the popularity of eGames like DotA 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and the like, computer shops are still booming -- and evolving into high end places.
Playing as a team seems to be the norm these days and places like this are perfect spaces for gamers and non-gamers alike. Ground Zero is really stepping up the gaming experience to cater with the demands of their clientele. Ground Zero definitely has impressive PCs, dining options and upscale ambience.
Ground Zero also caters to casual internet users and provides expansive menu with specialty gaming-themed dishes and drinks -- from appetizers, desserts, cocktails and coffee. Plus, there are 15 units of 55” TVs scattered around the cafe for those who prefer to watch the games -- like the current ESL Hamburg for DotA 2 that I’m watching as I type this article. This venue is perfect for other major gaming events -- as if you’re watching an NBA Finals or Super Bowl. I would like to watch TI9 next year here at Ground Zero.
Mr. Eric Redulfin of TNC Cyber Cafe is among the forerunners in the local cybercafe industry. This place has 87 regular PCs with superb specs -- Z730 Gigabyte mothersboards, Intel i5 processors, NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPUs, 16GB RAM, Acer monitors, etc. The price is a bit pricey though -- at P60/hour -- but it’s definitely worth every peso.
There are also 10 PCs with even higher specs located at the VIP areas. That’s perfect for 2 teams playing a game of DotA2. That’s P80/hour but you would experience the power of Acer Predator G1’s with NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPUs. It’s capable of full HD (Acer Predator XB241H monitors). I’m pretty sure DotA2 will run here at its highest resolution.
Internet speed is at 300 mbps to ensure lag-free games and ultra fast upload and download -- perfect for LAN parties and even professionals that need that much internet speed. The rationale for all these specs and amenities is Ground Zero’s major objective -- to become an avenue that join today’s gamers to yesterday’s roots. Linking these people to their friends, families, the community and serve as a perfect place to gather, connect, collaborate and enjoy an amazing gaming experience.
Let me play an amazing game of DotA2 now. I’ll post more pictures of Ground Zero facilities and amenities soon.

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