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McDonald’s Pasig Caruncho (Palengke) Opens May 31, 2017

McDo logo

McDonald’s newest store in Pasig City – Pasig Caruncho (in the Palengke area) will open in May 31, 2017 Wednesday. This is the date announced by the store printed on a tarpaulin.

This is the latest store that will open in this part of town – after Chowking. The new McDonald’s store is just beside the Jollibee-Palengke. If you’re coming from Pasig Simbahan on your way to Palengke, you’ll pass by Chowking and KFC along Caruncho Avenue.

I’m excited since I’m a McDonald’s person. This new location is more convenient for me (the old Kapasigan Branch adjacent to the Pasig City Museum closed recently).

See you guys at the opening!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

13 Reasons Why You Should Play Ragnarok Online

During the Q&A Session at the Marco Polo Hotel for the Press Conference of Ragnarok Online Philippines, one of members of media asked the Managing Director of Electronics Extreme, Kamphee “Ken” Piromward, how will Free-to-Play (F2P) business model survive (in this age of mobile gaming and heavy-graphics online games)?

Ken Piromward simply asked “Why are you (still) here?” (at the press conference). He said that at the end of the day, we would “want to come back home”. I totally agree. Ragnarok is home. We’re at home with Ragnarok. That’s the reason why Electronics Extreme is very confident that Ragnarok Online Philippines would (again) be a hit in the Philippines because we love the game so far. They already proved it in Thailand and other countries like Taiwan and Indonesia. Here in the Philippines, it still has a large followers.


When Ragnarok Online Philippines held the Ragna Festival 2017 at SM City Annex, it was jam-packed with people. Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) never died when it closed the server in March 2015. It just took a break from the dissatisfaction that we experienced with the old publisher.

It was again proven by members of the media, bloggers, Guild Masters, and RO enthusiasts present to cover the announcement at the Marco Polo Hotel. You can also visit the Facebook page of Ragnarok Online Philippines to know how many old-time RO players are excited to come back home.

For those who were too young to play Ragnarok Online during it’s heyday, and for those elementary and high school kids these days who are hook up to DotA2, LOL, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, and Pokemon, what will make them try Ragnarok Online? I can think of 13 reasons why they should play RO:

  1. Quests – Ragnarok Online has a lot of quest that are worth doing. Some would even make you /sob (somewhat cry and sad) once you learned what happens at the end of these Quests. These are well-written quests, from Friendship Quest, to Eye of Hellion’s Quest to Rachel Sanctuary Quest. Even job changes are quests and adventure. What can you expect – Ragnarok Online is based on Norse mythology and Asian Culture. With the release of recent RO Episodes, even the characters in the manga are incorporated into the game – like Loki, Fenrir, etc.
  2. War of Emperium (WoE) – it’s what we’re leveling up for. The War of Emperium (WoE) is a huge battlefield. One guild can accommodate up to 56 members and can have a maximum of 3 Ally Guilds. There’s the original WoE for smaller agits (castles) located in Aldebaran, Prontera, Payon and Geffen. Then there’s WoE 2.0 – larger agits with a single entrance. It’s located in Juno and Rachel. There’s even a WoE Training Edition (TE) which is available only for Transcendent Class.

The ultimate goal of defending and conquering these different agits is for the ingredients to make the ultimate weapons and gears in the game – the Godly Items (Mjolnir, Sleipnir, etc).

Siege TE

  1. Headgears – makes Ragnarok Online unique among online games. They’ve invested so much on creating various headgears from the simple Fancy Flower to the extreme Solar God Helm, Dark Bacilium among others. Plus, there’s the costume headgears which are mostly cosmetic/aesthetic headgears that let you hide your true headgear. With Headgear Contests being done often in-real-life and in-game, more and more headgears are being developed.

The avatar (costumes) of each job classes may be the same, but the headgears you’re wearing could be your signature online.

  1. Skills and Builds – There’s the basic First Jobs which levels up to the 2nd Jobs. There are the 2-1 jobs (Priest, Hunters, Knights, Wizards, Assassins and Blacksmiths) and the 2-2 jobs (Monks, Bard & Dancer, Crusaders, Sage, Rogue, and Alchemists.

Then there’s the Transcended Jobs – High Priest, Sniper, Lord Knight, High Wizard, Assassin Cross, Whitesmith, Champ, Minstrel (Clown) and Gypsy, Paladin, Scholar, Stalker and Biochemist. After that, they will evolve into the 3rd Jobs – Archbishops, Ranger, Rune Knight, Warlock, Guillotine Cross, Mechanic, Sura, Maestro & Wanderer, Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Shadow Chaser and Genetic.

There’s also the Expanded Class – Super Novices, Rebellion (from Gunslinger), Kagerou and Oboro (from Ninja) and the Doram Race. Each job probably has 2 or more builds, based on stats and weapons being used. A priest can be full-support (INT-VIT), battle (STR-AGi) or ME (Magnus Exorcismus, a skill) based on INT-DEX. A Hunter can be a Double-Strafer (skill) based on DEX or a Falconer (AGI-LUK).

Imagine how many character builds you can make from the combination of the 6 attributes STR (strength), AGI (agility), VIT (vitality), INT (intelligence), DEX (dexterity), and LUK (luck). Not to mention that there are a lot of skills where you can build a character. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Chibi-style characters – The characters of RO are way too cute. Even some of the monsters are cute (Poring, Lunatic, etc). First job characters are the cutest in-game – Novices, Acolytes, Archers, Swordsmen, Magicians (Mage), Thieves and Merchants. As these characters progress into the 2nd Jobs, Transcendent Jobs and even 3rd Jobs, they still retain the cuteness of the characters.

With the release of the Doram Race (cat-like citizens from Lasagna map), Ragnarok Online is swarming with anime-style, cute characters – including the Expanded Class Soul Linkers, Taekwon Masters, Gunslingers and Ninja.

What makes the characters of Ragnarok Online appear as anime or manga characters is the availability of a wide variety of hair styles and colors. You can have green or violet hair in-game.


  1. Biolabs 4, Endless Tower (ET) and other Instance Dungeons – Most of these dungeons need a solid party to survive. Biolabs 4 features the mirror-image of the 2-2 jobs in-game and requires a party of different jobs in order to survive.

Endless Tower (ET) is a 100-floor, smaller area dungeon, containing most of the Boss (MVP) monsters in-game as well as the normal monsters. The more players in a party (group), the better chances of survival.

There are also quests and instance dungeons that a player could try like the Nightmare Toy Factory, Old Glast Heim, etc.

  1. Rodex and game features – like Battlegrounds and Player vs Player (PVP) arena. Rodex is the email system in the game that lets you email your friends in-game as well as send items and zennies (in-game currency).

Battlegrounds are similar to DotA – it could be Tierra Gorge (6 vs 6 players), Flavian (4 vs 4) or KVM (3 vs 3). Before, during the early release of Battlegrounds, it’s 20 vs 20. These battlegrounds could let you earn medals which you can exchange for unique equipment and gears.

Before, we use a 3rd party program to record our sieges and PVPs. Now, recording feature is build in-game. Recently, when Episode 16.1 was released in the International Ragnarok Online (iRO server), Achievement System was incorporated in-game (similar to most mobile games today). Ragnarok is still evolving and developing new features for the game.


  1. Upgrading Equipment and Gears – There are two basic things you can upgrade in-game – the weapon and the gear (headgear, armor, garment and shoes). Weapons have 4 levels. Upgrading weapons uses 3 stones – Phracon, Emveretarcon and Oridecon (lvl 3-4 weapons). Upgrading any armor uses Elunium stone. The higher upgrade level your weapon and gear have, the better damage (and defense) it will give. Before, +10 is the highest upgrade level. With the introduction of new game Episodes, it now goes beyond +10 and requires other types of stones.
  2. Card System – Most monsters in the game drop a card that you can put in your weapon or gear. These cards could increase your attributes/stats (like INT, DEX), could cast auto-spells (like fire bolt, Assumptio), and increase your damage or defense. The most sought-after cards in the game are those cards drop by the Boss Monsters (also known as MVPs).

The earliest cards that a new Ragnarok player could get will most likely be a Poring Card, a Lunatic Card or a Fabre Card (VIT+1). One thing I like about these cards is the graphics/illustrations of the monster that drops it.

Ghostring Card

  1. Boss Hunts – Boss monsters (called MVP in-game) are hunted for their cards. These MVPs are improved versions (or larger and tougher) of in-game monsters. Golden Thief Bug (GTB) is a yellow version of the male and female thief bugs with skills like Mammonite, Heal and Increase Agility. Boss monsters also come with high Hit Points (HP) than normal monsters.

Mistress is a bigger and tougher version of a Hornet. Maya is the queen of the ants. Most of the time, these Boss (MVPs) comes with minions or summons. Dracula is a boss that comes with a lot of Familiar (bats). Eddga comes with minions of Sasquatch. Dark Lord comes with Dark Illusions. Baphomet comes with Baphomet Juniors. Orc Lord comes with Orc Archers while Orc Hero comes with High Orcs.

Most of these Boss monsters require a party to kill. The player who makes the most damage to a Boss monster becomes the MVP (an MVP pops up on top of the head once the Boss is killed). Boss Hunting gives extra experience but on most cases, it’s death to the players. If you’re super lucky, you could get an MVP Card which is the rarest thing in-game.


  1. Simplified Graphics – The graphics of Ragnarok Online is referred to as 2D (compared to other online games that are rendered in 3D). Ragnarok Online doesn’t need a special video card to be able to play. It runs in native computer graphics. In fact, most PCs released in early 2000s can run Ragnarok Online. In runs on Windows 95!

I believe if you’re a kid these days that are used to heavy graphics, you’ll find comfort in Ragnarok Online. Most games nowadays contain a lot of information (character names, HP and SP on everyone on screen) and uses very vivid colors. In Ragnarok Online, the only HP/SP bar you’ll see is your own (blue for SP, green for HP). The names of the characters in your screen will only be seen if you hover your mouse on the other character. It makes the graphics of RO simpler and less messy/clutter.

  1. Background Music – Each map (both field and dungeon) in Ragnarok Online comes with its own Background Music (BGM). The most famous of these BGM are the music played in each town. Prontera is the capital city of Rune-Midgard City and it’s where most vendors are located. Thus, the Prontera Theme is probably one of the most popular, along with Theme of Payon, Theme of Morroc, etc. The Bard is a class in Ragnarok than can sing/play musical instrument. Each song gives a unique music, the Song of Bragi (Magical Strings) being the most popular. You’ll hear it a lot during War of Emperium.

The Original Soundtrack (OST) of Ragnarok Online (“Memories of Ragnarok”) is available in the market before. It contains most of the BGM you’ll hear in-game. I actually have it in my iTunes and it’s very good as sound trip music. Ragnarok Background Music have been played by live bands during real-life events and YouTube has a lot of videos of musician’s playing the songs from Ragnarok Online.

  1. Selling and Buying – The Merchant Class in RO is designed specially to vend (sell) items. It also has a quest skill that lets them buy items from players. In-game, you would see most merchants sitting along the street or near Warp Portals with a pub above their head like S> or B> (selling and buying). Merchants also have a skill called Discount and Overcharge – they can buy items from the Non-Player Character (NPC) at a lower price and they can sell loot items to the same NPC at a higher charge.


Most players create a merchant character to vend or buy items. The Ragnarok Market is vast because of this selling/buying. Stronger characters can hunt stronger monsters that drop rare item (like headgears, cards or armors) while some novices and First Jobs can hunt monsters for beginners that drops decent cards (like Pupa).

If you don’t have a merchant, you can still sell and buy items by using the in-game pub feature. You can create a pub (public or private chat) that let’s up to 20 players enter that pub to talk to you about the item you’re selling and buying.

These 13 things/reasons are the first things that came to my mind when thinking of things to promote the game to newbie players. I’m pretty sure I missed a lot more features of RO but most online games these games have features that we’ve already seen in RO.

Ragnarok Online is actually not in competition with mobile games or those heavy-graphics online games. Ragnarok is simple, unique, old-school and has a deep story. It’s probably these 13 reasons/features that will make a gamer today try Ragnarok Online.

What are your reasons in playing Ragnarok Online?


Damon my new Rebellion doing the quest for the Butcher [1]

Dark Lord

I just got pawned by Dark Lord in GH Churchyard while doing the Bounty Quest for Dark Priests


A rare item I got from opening a Care Package in iRO – Etran’s Undershit which I sold for 200,000,000 zennies (200M z)

First Break

My assassin Lightning Thief (the GM of Last Hit) breaking an emperium for the first time in iRO

Hazy Forest

JonLloyd and my archbishop Zach Roerig doing the Hazy Forest quest

Job Change

My Stalker Gabranth just passed the Shadow Chaser job change exam

Lord of Death

Facing Lord of Death in Niffelheim


Big Bell card from Nightmare Clock Tower (NCT)

New Achievement

The Achievement System came with Episode 16.1 in iRO

New ItemsNew PronteraNew Upgrade Shop

The New Prontera redesign came with Episode 16.1 in the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) server

Nightmarish Jitterbug

I’m doing the Nightmarish Jitterbug with JonLloyd of Scourge (iRO-Thor server)


Osiris (Boss) and his minions of Isis and Ancient Mummies


Yes… the Pope in Ragnarok Online is a female. This and other things you’ll learn by doing quests

Quest Items

The Christmas Wreath Costume I did last December 2016. A lot of good headgears in-game can only be obtain by doing limited-edition headgear quests

Sahod Time

After siege, comes the salary. My soul linker Steven McQueen getting his salary from papski of Kalye Pogi, the WoE TE division of Hobbits. Hobbits is my first guild in iRO

Takoyaki Event

Takoyaki Event – one of the many events in-game that tie-up with real events in-real-life


Wedding System – one of the many features of Ragnarok Online

Wipe Out

Wipe Out – at Biolabs 4

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ragnarok PH CBT Coming This June 2017

The Closed Beta Testing (CBT) of Ragnarok Online Philippines under new publisher Electronics Extreme (of Thailand) will happen in the middle of June 2017. This was announced in today’s Q&A Session with no less than Kamphee “Ken” Piromward, Managing Director of Electronics Extreme, and Johnny Paek of Elite Global Sourcing.


They also answered questions from members of the media, bloggers, Guild Masters, and Ragnarok enthusiasts regarding the server settings of the upcoming server. Some of the information that we got from this Question and Answer are the following:

  • Dual Client (up to 5) will be allowed
  • There will be no Ragial marketplace or RO Player Database (ROPD) bot roaming around to collect data. Selling and buying items will be done in the old-fashion way
  • There will be an anti-bot program from Finland
  • It will be a Free-to-Play (F2P) server with no imba item on cash shop
  • No VIP service
  • Item mall will be mostly for costumes
  • Rate of server is 1x (both experience and drop)
  • All items that used to be obtained via cash shop before (with the old publisher LUG) will be available in-game. Even Bubblegums will be obtained from activities in-game
  • Support for the game will be via chat. Please don’t provide your username and password
  • No instance dungeon (MVP). They will promote equality of the people
  • Top-up card will be available for players’ convenience
  • There will be no IP restrictions. Anyone from anywhere can technically play at the new server
  • The game will be launch for PC version only. No native Mac support (unless there is Windows inside Mac) or tablet version
  • There will be no double standard – GMs will have no access to ingame items and all GM items will be reviewed by the Thai publisher. GMs function will be limited to player support
  • There will be some rental items but most items will be permanent
  • Closed Beta Testing will be in the middle of June 2017 and the Open Beta Testing will be announced after the CBT once it’s perfect
  • No fix cast time
  • There will be God items. Guild allies will be allowed
  • Server setting will be Revo-Classic. Philippine server will be very similar to Thai server. They will provide basic quest information but monster information and monsters location is highly encouraged to be learned during the CBT
  • There will be no simulator for a 7 vs 7 match in the game. Players are encouraged to join the real-life events that will be held in different parts of the country
  • There will be no instant job change
  • Registration for the closed beta testing (CBT) starts today. There is no limit on the number of players that can join the CBT
  • There will be two servers – Thor and Loki
  • The server will start with Episode 1 with the basic 2-1 Class
  • All monsters return to original spawn points. Ignore level differences between Player and Monster (Renewal Feature)
  • 2-2 Class will be release within 6 months and High Class within 1-2 years


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My 11 Ragnarok Wish List for the New Server

Now that Gravity, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing officially announced the return of Ragnarok Online to the Philippines, I am compiling a wish list for the new publisher. These are things that I believe we should have in the new server (from the point of view of an RO player since 2003).



I began playing at the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) Thor server in November 2016, although my accounts were migrated from the Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) server when it was closed in March 2015. I noticed some differences on how things work in pRO and iRO and here are some of the things that iRO have that I believe should be at the new Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) server:

  1. Ragial Marketplace and RO Player Database (ROPD) – This will make buying and selling items easier and faster so that players can allot more time in leveling their characters. The iRO community made an exemption for the Ragial bot to roam around key cities and Eden to collect character information. This can be use to avoid getting scammed as well since it will also let you know the alternative characters in an account.
  2. Gramps NPC – a special NPC inside Eden that lets you access 3 special dungeons once your character reach level 70. The special dungeons are Payon (70-100), Geffen (101-125) and Moscovia (126-150). I never saw this type of special dungeon in pRO.

The monsters inside these special dungeons are being change weekly. You can have a quest by talking to Gramps and he’ll ask you to hunt 2 types of monsters (inside the dungeons). Once you’ve hunted 400 monsters of each type, you can turn it in and get rewarded with XP points and Eden Badges. You’ll be given 23 hours for you to repeat this daily quest.

  1. VIP Service – iRO servers are Free-to-Play (F2P) with Premium/VIP Service and has a death penalty of 3%. If you have a character that is level 150 and up, a 3% XP (experience) loss could mean hours of gameplay. That’s when a VIP service is helpful – it makes the death penalty to 1%. Having a VIP service (for 1 month, 3 months or even 6 months) also gives access to special dungeons, buff NPCs, mercenaries, extra Kafra storage and teleport service to dungeons.

I believe pRO have this service before and I usually avail of the P350 monthly subscription before. I believe it will be best that Extreme Electronics should have similar server settings but the price should be based on Philippine (real-life) economy.

Here’s the current VIP settings in iRO:

Warp Portal 2

  1. Eden Bounty Boards – is something new to me when I played at iRO. It is a special quest to hunt down some monsters for extra XP points. There are different monsters assigned to different levels of characters (level 1 up to level 100+). The bounty boards will ask you to hunt 150 monsters. Sometimes the monsters in Gramps dungeons are the same monsters in Eden Bounty Boards which results in a double-bounty for an even more extra XP points. This will serve as a guide on where to level your characters and will be especially helpful for the newbies who never played pRO before. Bounty Quest Boards are located in several towns like Payon, Prontera, Geffen, Hugel, etc.
  2. Special Events Quest – for special occasions like Christmas, Valentines and Easter. pRO and iRO both have this and the headgears that can only be obtained from these special events quests (mostly headgears) give extra boost during the occasion.
  3. No selling of cards – especially MVP cards. I love how iRO maintained the policy that cards can only be obtain by either hunting monsters and Boss (MVPs) or opening an Old Card Album (OCA). I believe one of the mistakes that Level Up Games (LUG) -- the previous publisher of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines – is their Donita and Ligaya NPCs (and Lotti Girl). They also released water down version of MVP cards on cash shop, which they label as Sealed Boss Cards.

I hope Extreme Electronics will never make the same mistake. I firmly believe that cards (especially Boss cards) should only be obtained by hunting them (or opening an OCA). This works fine in iRO server.

  1. Spotlight on maps – means a certain map (like Prontera Field or Geffen Field) will have extra XP points if you hunt the monsters in highlighted maps. This will make a player explore Rune-Midgard and to avoid hunting the same monsters in the same map over and over. Like the Gramps monsters, it can be change on a weekly basis.
  2. Improve handling of tickets – I admire iRO’s way of handling tickets. You get a reply to your filed ticket in 3-5 days. Customer service at iRO are way better than LUG. In fact, I posted an article on how GM Anael of LUG mishandled my inquiry which showed how the previous publisher lacks customer service. I hope Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing would handle players’ inquiry (via official forum or even Facebook) with utmost respect and urgency.
  3. Dual client log-in – is somehow legal in iRO. It does have pros and cons though. It eliminates the need to login to another computer if you need (for example) a link to your character (like a battle sage).

On the other hand, dual login will make War of Emperium (WoE) harder for the Guild Master in terms of giving supplies to his guildmates or giving salary after the siege. Imagine having so many online siegers but only being played by a handful of people.

I never noticed if dual login is available before in pRO. I never login two or more accounts on a single computer in pRO before. I believe it would still be best to disable dual client log-in in the new server that Extreme Electronics will open. I still prefer the old school concept of 1 PC, 1 character policy.

  1. Hypnotist and Mesmerize NPCs – in iRO are very helpful. The Hypnotist NPC (just outside the tool dealer shop in Prontera) can reset your skills tree if you’re level 99 and below. You can do this for unlimited number of times.

The Mesmerize NPC on the other hand, is located inside Eden Group. He can reset both skills and stats ONCE. These two NPCs can let you try other builds for your character before you settle in for the final build.

The Mesmerize NPC is inside Eden and is very near Gramps.


  1. No shortcut for Change Job – In pRO, they implemented special NPCs that can let you skip the required job change for 3rd jobs. I believe that this should not be allowed in the new server so that players can value their 3rd job characters more. It’s just a personal thought though.

There you have it guys, my 11 Ragnarok Wish List for the upcoming server that will be released by Extreme Electronics in the coming days. If you have other things that you wanted to be implemented in the new server, please post it on the comments section below.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Relaunch of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines

Yesterday’s Ragna Festival 2017 held at SM Annex (of SM North EDSA) was a huge success. A lot of Ragnarok enthusiasts showed up for the event and the huge turnout proves that Ragnarok isn’t really dead in the Philippines (even though it was closed in March 2015).


I tried to be included in the Early Bird promo yesterday but to no avail (I was at the doors of SM Annex at 9:45 AM). When the doors opened at 10:00 AM, a huge crowd dashed to the 4th floor to win in-game events. Lines from 4th floor up to the ground floor were easily formed.

The venue became so small compared to the huge crowd. Most of the Ragnarok enthusiasts who went to the event yesterday wanted to know the details of Ragnarok’s relaunch in the country. However, very few information were given by the representatives of Gravity, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing.

Even the media kits that were given to the press and bloggers contain very little information about the official relaunch of Ragnarok Online Philippines and the server information or settings. The media kit basically gave information about the history of Ragnarok in the country as well as information about the companies that will bring back the game. One of the speakers referred to the event as Press Conference.

Yesterday’s Ragna Festival 2017 includes cosplay performances, art contest, raffle, headgear competition and performances of bands Imago and Sandwich. I was surprised Betong was one of the hosts of the event.

Ragnarok Online’s History

Everyone who’s been playing online games, from 2003 up until today, remembers Ragnarok Online. It’s the first full MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) that Filipinos sank their teeth into. It’s why it’s called the pioneer of Filipino MMORPGs.

The game introduced Filipinos to the world of gaming adventure and competition created lifelong friendships. It also sparked the internet café revolution and opened the door for gaming cosplay in the country. It was so popular that Ragnarok Online was made into an incredibly popular 26-episode anime series. Ragnarok Online is loosely based Ragnarok, an incredibly popular Manhwa (Korean manga).

Ragnarok Online is back

According to a popular Taiwanese game web site, Ragnarok ranked number 1 as the most popular game in Taiwan and Thailand. Very soon, it’ll be the number 1 game in Indonesia and in the Philippines.

Ragnarok Online has enjoyed resurgence through its renaissance in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Since it was launched in 2003, close to 10 million people played the game in the Philippines.

Gravity Co. Ltd., the developers of the popular MMORPG will grace the event, together with their regional and local publishers, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing Inc., respectively. They will make the most awaited announcement Filipino gamers are waiting for.

Electronics Extreme currently owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online in Asia and ELITE is the Philippine publishing partner. There will be more major announcements after the Ragnarok Festival so stay tuned!

For more details, visit the Ragnarok Online Philippine page at

Based on the speeches of Rithirong Kaewvicheara (Chief Operating Officer of Extreme Electronics), Johnny Paek (Chief Operating Officer of ELITE) and Kitamura Yoshinori(Chief Operating Officer of Gravity Co. Ltd.), they will be touring Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to promote the game. They also mentioned that a Closed Beta Testing (CBT) will start very soon and that the new server will be personalized based on Philippine market.

At this point, the following questions are left unanswered:

  1. Is it a Free-to-Play (F2P) or Pay-to-Play (P2P)?
  2. When is the exact date of the relaunch? When will the server open?
  3. Is it Classic (up to Transcendent Class) or Renewal (including 3rd Jobs) or both?
  4. Will it be available to players from South East Asia (SEA) or the Philippines only?
  5. Will the server start at Episode 1 (the 6 basic jobs and Rune-Midgard Kingdom only) or Episode 16 (Banquet for Heroes including the Doram Race)?