Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

A few years ago, I always associate Belkin with modems and routers. It’s almost synonymous with networking items. However, a recent visit to Lazada website reveals that Belkin is more than modems and routers. Belkin now caters to almost all our digital needs – from USB cables, to charges and smatphone holders.

Since Christmas 2015 is fast approaching, I decided to list down my Belkin Wishlist – 5 must-have equipment for someone who’s living the digital life. My list includes the following:

  • Belkin Mini Surge Protector – P1,190.00
  • Belkin Universal Charger Kit – P2,390.00
  • Belkin Micro USB Cable – P450.00
  • Belkin Stylus – P325.00
  • Belkin USB Keychain – P1,590.00

Belkin Surge Protector – our supply of electricity sometimes is unreliable. We often encounter power interruption which affects our electronic gadgets like desktop PC. A surge protector is a must-have for anyone who owns a PC. This will prevent unnecessary loss of data when these power outages happen.

Belkin Surge Protector

It’s damage-resistant feature is what I like about this surge protector.

Belkin Universal Charger – I currently have 2 tablets and a smartphone. Unfortunately, they’re not using the same charger. Two connects via Micro USB while the other tablet is using an old, round charger. Good thing there’s the Belkin Universal Charger which I can use for all of my gadgets. A single charger to rule them all.

Belkin Universal Charger

2.4A output ensures fastest charging.

Belkin Micro USB Cable – is very efficient in transferring data between my tablets and smartphone to my PC. This will ensure faster transfer of pictures between my gadgets and PC, for backup purposes.

Belkin Micro USB Cable

I love the color of this ultra-compact cable – red.

Belkin Stylus – will be very useful for my 2 tablets. I can draw on my tablets with the Belkin Stylus for a more detailed drawing. Plus, editing pictures will be more effective since I can touch the details of the pictures that the fingers can’t reach.

Belkin Stylus

I like the pen-like feel in hand feature of this stylus.

Belkin USB Keychain – is a very fashionable keychain and flexible cable in one. I can forget about bringing USB cables when I’m travelling since I’m always carrying my keychain around.

Belkin USB Keychain

This one is a very stylish keychain that is available in 5 matte metallic colors.

You guys can also list down your Belkin Wishlist by visiting the website of Lazada here. Be sure to follow Belkin’s Facebook page as well for updates regarding other wonderful gadgets.

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