Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Skill Would You Want To Be Unlocked After Taking A Kit Kat Break?

I want to unlock the skill of Wonder Woman so I can force anyone to tell the truth.

If I could unlock a superhero's skill, I would definitely love to unlock Wonder Woman's skill to use the Lasso of Truth.


Wonder Woman can rival Superman in brute strength – plus she can fly, has an invisible jet and possess the greatest weapon in the DC Universe: the Lasso of Truth.

In the DC universe, i can say that the Lasso of Truth is the greatest weapon -- simply because it can bind Superman and Captain Marvel. The lasso of truth can also compel anyone to tell the truth. In fact, in the animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Wonder Woman was able to compel Captain Marvel to reveal the secret to his power.


Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth can bind strong willed superheroes like Superman and Captain Marvel.

Imagine what wonder woman can do for the country. She can resolved some of the most notorious unresolved mysteries like "who ordered the killing of Benigno Aquino?” She can simply ask (under the influence of the lasso of truth) the suspects.

Wonder woman could also free those innocent people suffering in our prisons by simply asking them (again, under the influence of the Lasso of Truth) whether they committed the crime or not.

editorial cartoon 2013 SEPTEMBER 11 PDAF TRO FINAL

The PDAF Scam can easily be resolved by using Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

Lastly, wonder woman can also solve some of the high profile cases in the country like the PDAF Scam. It's definitely faster than Batman's capability to solve crimes or Professor X's ability to read minds. A simple question, under the influence of the lasso of truth, can make a senator confess his guilt. It can definitely extract the truth out of Napoles.

If i could only acquire a superhero's power, i would definitely want wonder woman's power to use the lasso of truth. What could be more powerful than knowing the truth?


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