Friday, May 16, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever


I believe in the saying, “a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody”. So I tend to keep my circle of friends small but exclusive. To those who manage to be included in my small circle of best friends, here’s 20 ways I show them how I appreciate their friendship and how I can be the best friend ever to them. You could also try these things to show them how you can be the best friend ever:

  1. Attend your friends’ celebrations – like the birthday of their offspring. Distance is not an excuse. Work schedule is also not an excuse. I’m sure that within that 24 hours you have in a day, you can still squeeze in an hour or two just to show your friends how you appreciate their friendship.
  2. Accompany friends to parties – like bar hopping or checking out a new restaurant. Since they’re the ones who invited you, it’s probably a free treat. They just want your time so why not give it to them.
  3. Be the ninong (godfather) to your friend’s offspring – it’s the ultimate acknowledgment of your friendship to them. It’s a serious business being the godfather (reminds me of Harry Potter and Sirius Black).
  4. Be the photographer at their special occasion – everyone likes a good picture. You can then print your best shots, give it to your friend and earn their gratitude. Baptismal, weddings and first birthdays are just some of those special events that your presence is appreciated.
  5. Accompany them in their photo-walks – it’s a great way to chat with your buddies. At the end of the day, you’ll have several pictures of a place (or occasion) that you both attended and will bring back memories in the future.
  6. Invite them to your club’s photography meeting – and they may join you. Joining a photography club is a great way of improving your skills and gaining friends. If a friend of yours is a newbie in photography, why not ask him to join you in your club?
  7. Go out of town with them – it’s a great bonding moment. I’ve heard a saying that travelling together is the ultimate way of knowing your friend since travelling is a difficult thing to do. Reminds me of those instances in “The Amazing Race” where in partners really developed their relationships (or ended it).
  8. Attend a fiesta with them – after all, it’s more fun in the Philippines! The merry month of May is the ultimate month to attend fiestas – lots of it. What better way to attend a fiesta than to tag along a good friend of yours.
  9. Visit churches with them – and not just during the Visita Iglesia. It’s a great way to appreciate the church architecture in the country and to deepen our knowledge about a town’s rich history.
  10. Email them once in a while – or better yet, send them a snail mail (a card or so). Although SMS is readily-available, it’s still fun to email a friend and tell them the things that you’re doing lately. Oh by the way, I have an email pal named Honza and we’ll celebrate our 5th Year Friendship Anniversary soon.
  11. Text them – or use Vibr and WeChat to keep in touch. In this age of instant messaging and free SMS, there is no excuse in not getting in touch.
  12. Add them to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare accounts – they’ll love it. It’s also a great way of knowing what are the things that your friends are doing on a day-to-day basis.
  13. Play Ragnarok Online with them – it’s a combination of chatting and playing. In fact, playing pRO is a great way to see friends you’ve met online who’s loyal to the game.
  14. Attend photography events with them – such as the Digital Photography Philippines (DPP), Canon PhotoMarathon and Pinoy Photography (PiPho). These events are considered as social events as well.
  15. Join their advocates – like the Million People March. It gives a great feeling that you’re being part of something that will bring change to the country in a good way. After all, it’s a moral obligation as a citizen of this country to do something for the better.
  16. Sign-up to their petitions – it will only take a few clicks.
  17. Greet them on their birthdays – on Facebook and via SMS. There’s absolutely no excuse in forgetting someone’s birthday (unless you’re in the boondocks for months).
  18. Watch Nuffnang movie premiers with them – that’s what the Plus One Ticket is for.
  19. Attend events at SM Megamall like the TOYCON – it’s for all the kids in us.
  20. Call them up when their upset. A real friend calls. I’m a Globe subscriber and With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!


Friday, May 9, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

The “X-Men: Days of Future Past” storyline is one of my most favorite comics series in the Marvel Universe. In that storyline, the Sentinels (robots who hunt mutants) are very powerful in the future and is on the winning side in their quest to eradicate the world of humans. The mutants of the future thought of going back to the past to prevent this rise of the Sentinels.


In our society today, our future could have been better if we can travel back in the past to correct some of history’s errors. Thus the question:

What would you correct from the past to save the future?

If I were to travel to the past and change something, I would probably prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler. This would definitely save the lives of 6 million Jews and other minorities in Europe and would also prevent one of the darkest moments in human history – World War II.

I would probably make sure that the parents of Adolf Hitler would not meet and thus prevent the birth of one of the world’s greatest criminals. If Adolf Hitler would not be born, the rise of Nazism in Germany would also not happen. Thus, the belief in a superior race called the Aryans would not be a reality. This will prevent the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe thus saving the Chosen People – the Jews – of Europe.

Aside from the Jews of Europe, Adolf Hitler also persecuted the Romani People, the homosexuals, the Poles, and other minorities. There would be millions of lives save if I were to travel back to the past and prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler.

The seeds of hatred that Adolf Hitler planted also gave rise to Germany’s conquest of Europe – and the devastation of the continent during World War II. If Adolf Hitler was not born, probably the Axis Power would also not exist – thus preventing the deaths of more lives.

The future of the Jews and other minorities of Europe could have been saved, if I were to correct the errors of Adolf Hitler in the past.

This is one of my most anticipated movies this year.