Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Dream Summer Trip

Two years ago, my aunt from the US visited us for a get-together. She made a very valuable travel deal with Mango Tours that allowed her to travel to Palawan, Bohol and Boracay for an affordable price. She gave us a copy of the pictures she took during this dream vacation and it made me green with envy. I wanted to have the same dream summer trip that she did. IMG_3995
Sunset at Palawan. What a beautiful sight.
I will visit the website of a local travel agency who would give me the best value for money and will include these 3 destinations. I've always wanted to visit El Nido and the Underground River in Palawan, the white sands of Boracay, and the Loboc River of Bohol. Since it's almost June and the rainy season is upon us, I'll probably schedule this dream summer trip in April 2014 to give me more time to save.


Palawan is nicknamed “The Last Frontier”. It is one of the remaining parts of the Philippines that retains the beauty of nature. It is also the home of the Underground River. I’m really not found of caves but I think it would be fun to traverse the interior of this cave. Palawan is also home to such known destinations like Coron and El Nido. This would certainly be an ideal place to go Island Hopping. Not to mention that the Crocodile Farm is also located in Palawan. IMG_3874
Part of the Underground River that I always wanted to visit.
A nice walk on the beach of Palawan.

Boracay is known worldwide for the white sands. It’s also known for its night life, sunset and endless activities at the beach. I always wanted to go to Boracay and hopefully 2014 will be kind for me. From the pictures that my aunt showed us, I can definitely say that she enjoyed her stay at this 1st class beach paradise. IMG_3190
The paradise island of Boracay.
This rock formation is probably one of the most photographed place in Boracay.

My mom is from Bohol and she has several stories on how beautiful the place is. Bohol is known for the Loboc River, the Tarsier (smallest primate in the world), the Chocolate Hills and old churches. I would love to dine at the famous floating restaurant. It would also nice to take a closer look at the Tarsiers. My aunt also mentioned that there is an image of St. Pio at Baclayon Church. She even took a picture of it and yes, it looks like the saint. I generally love old churches and buildings and I would surely love to take a tour of the churches in Bohol. IMG_3344
Can you see the image of Padre Pio? This is the Baclayon Church.
The famous floating restaurant of Loboc River, Bohol.
Travelling to these three destinations is definitely my dream summer trip for 2014. I hope I could also get a sponsor like most travel bloggers out there. I really hope to be a certified travel blogger to enjoy dream summer trips like this.